Armchair Golf Pro: Bubba Watson beats Oosthuizen to Win Masters – An Interesting Contrast in Styles

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  1. Eric;
    I had to refresh my memory with a trip to youtube to look at Bubba’s game winning wedge. I also took the time to watch Wayne DeFrancesco do an analysis of Bubba’s swing. Amazing is all that I can say, technically his swing is “different” in many aspects. He takes the club back way past parallel, his left elbow is “flying”, his feet slide around on his finish. Yet on his downswing he keeps it all together putting all that power into the ball very effectively. The fascinating thing is that for all the other movement he makes, he manages to maintain the basic fundamentals of keeping his head and body centered on the ball with hips and back coiling but not sliding. You call it “artistic”; I call it “reckless abandon.” I wonder if he will be able to keep it up for another 15-20 years.
    That said, I agree with you about seeing the shot and developing a feel for how you want the shape to play out. It really takes a bit of both, I had to develop some core (technical) competence before I could develop any touch or visualization. It took years of flailing around to do so, but now it feels really good when I wind up with the club high over my left shoulder watching the ball sail right down the middle. That is not always the case, but it sure feels great when it is.
    I agree about Tiger, it is sad to watch.
    Michael Brown

    • Eric Jones, MA, PGA says:

      Thanks Michael. Great insights, particularly into your own game. You don’t have to have a perfect golf swing to shoot low scores. Bubba is proof. And Tiger shows just what a trap it can be to focus on mechanics. I also agree that you do have to have a minimum competency level before you can visualize a shot and get the feel for it. Our educational system doesn’t reward experimentation and failure, but that is how we learn what works best for each of us. Keep at it!