Armchair Golf Pro: DA Points, Bill Murray, Carl, Etiquette

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  1. Jim Merwin says:


    Hi Eric:

    I agree with your approach to handling distractions in general but I doubt I could actually do it on TV, when I am trying to win my first PGA tournament and when those distractions were deliberately created by someone in my foursome. I admire DA Points for having the extraordinary self control (enabled by self confidence) to pull that off!

    A problem I have encountered many times occurs when a member (or, rarely, members) of your foursome play too slowly which could cost everyone in the group a stroke penalty, a two stoke penalty (second violation) or disqualification. It is not so much the fact I have to slow down so the partner can keep up that bothers me but rather the fact that I feel I am under extra pressure to play more quickly than I already am playing to make up for this person’s slow play. And I live in fear of a visit from every marshal I see and those I am sure are just out of view. Inevitably, I switch my focus from making good shots to making them quickly — with predictable results. Then I fume about wasting shots which makes the situation even worse.



    Jim Merwin