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You’ll get a 5-part video course that will show you the simple swing concepts you can use to unleash your maximum potential off the tee, along with specific drills to help you figure out how to best incorporate them into your swing. No cost, no strings.

These are the exact same drills I use to prepare for the World Long Drive Championships. I won the World Long Drive Championship with a drive of 382 yards, and I’ve hit it as far as 435 yards in competition, so I know these concepts are the keys to more distance.

Better yet, they are the same principles I teach my students, and they’ve achieved some remarkable results.  Wouldn’t you be thrilled too if you could add 20 yards, 30 yards, or 50 yards to your drives?

Master just one of the concepts in this course and apply it to your swing, and I can just about guarantee you’ll pick up 5 to 10 yards. Master all five concepts and it’ll seem like punching the winning lottery ticket – you’ll hit your drives a lot farther, with a lot less effort and a whole lot more accuracy.

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If you pay particular attention to the first two concepts – Balance and Leverage – and find a way to incorporate them automatically into your swing you’ll notice something: ALL of your shots will improve, with EVERY CLUB IN YOUR BAG.  I see it all the time with my students.  There’s nothing quite like the magical feel and sound of a crisply-hit shot. Your bonus is that the drills I’ll be sending you won’t just help with your driver – they’ll help your whole game become more consistent.

Eric Jones World Long Drive Championship SwingSee you down the fairway!

Eric Jones, MA, PGA

World Long Drive Champion

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