Category: Driver Tips

Easy ways to get more distance, accuracy, and consistency with your driver

Driver Tip 4: Lead with Your Elbow for Speed

Driver Tip 4: For Clubhead Speed, Lead with Your Elbow Imagine a baseball pitcher on the mound. They generate velocity by leading the pitch with their elbow. Your golf swing works the same way. If you want to deliver maximum...

Driver Tip 3: Grip Pressure and Distance

Driver Tip 3: Get More Distance With the Right Grip Pressure There is a right grip pressure and wrong grip pressures. The Just Right grip pressure allows you to feel in control of the club no matter what your swing...

Driver Tip 2: Leverage is Power

Driver Tip 2: Get Power From Leverage I’ll show you where your leverage point is and how to use it to develop a more powerful swing. Hint: It’s not in your hands and arms, and it’s not about swinging harder.

Driver Tip 1: The Money Shot

Driver Tip #1: The Money Shot See how starting the downswing with the lower body, from the ground up, will lead to more distance and consistent ball-striking. We use a fun prop – a $100.00 dollar bill. That should be...