Simple Techniques You Can Use Today
To Make Practicing Golf Fun and Productive


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Knowing your “favorite” wedge distance into the green is one of the top three most important shots in golf. This form will help you find your ideal approach yardage, and knowing this shot is one of the big “secrets” to better scores.





The first skill of shot making is learning how to hit your ball at a target. Knowing that you can control the direction of your shots will give you a big boost in confidence. This form will help you establish a baseline, and then track your progress.




The second skill of shot-making is learning how to control distance. The pros refer to it as “trajectory” but it really means the same thing. Once you how to master Direction and Distance, you’ve got 80% of the game wired.





Learning to shape your shots is the last of the shot-making skills. You probably already know that you seldom have a straight shot on the course, so learning to control the shape of your shot will give you many more options on the course and really boost your confidence.





I’m really glad you took the time to read HOW TO PRACTICE YOUR GOLF SWING LIKE THE PROS and follow up by downloading these forms. I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your golfing dreams and goals. I truly believe you’ll find this book and these practice methodologies a fantastic huge step in the right direction.