That’s me winning the World Long Drive Championship.

And I can teach you the tips and tools I taught myself to become one of the
longest drivers on the planet!

Want to ADD 20, 30 or 50 YARDS to Your Drive
than a World Long Drive Champion?

(and all for half the price of a single golf lesson!)

About Eric Jones

Eric JonesEric Jones is a PGA Professional who holds a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology. He founded the Seaver Golf Academy and has been recognized Nationally for his innovative golf instruction. Eric played college golf at Stanford University and was the JV/Assistant Coach. He’s the 2003 Re/Max World Long Drive Senior Champion, the 2004 LDA Tour Rookie of the Year, and has competed in the World Long Drive Championship finals 7 consecutive years.

DEAR GOLFER (Who Wants to Be Longer Off the Tee):

Ever hear this expression?

          “Those that Can, Do … Those that Cannot, Teach”

Sadly that’s the way it is with most long-drive instruction. The instructors are trying to teach
something they can’t do very well themselves.

But not anymore. I CAN (as the video proves)… and I TEACH.

My name is Eric Jones and I am definitely a golfer who CAN drive it long … and now I will TEACH you how to drive longer as well.

My students are adding 20, 30 even 50 yards to their drive … EVERY DRIVE.
And you can too.

In fact, I used every technique in my book and every drill in the videos to win the World Long Drive Championship.

and NOW, I’m releasing my secrets to the world …

… so you can discover how to drive longer and straighter every hole.

Here are Just Some of the Secrets I Reveal
in “The 5 Keys To Distance”
eBook + Videos

  • How to use LEVERAGE to maximize your power and add distance
  • How to MAINTAIN LAG to get more clubhead speed for longer drives
  • Why a WIDER ARC means a much longer drive … and how to get it today
  • Why TOO MUCH TENSION kills your drives … and the secret to releasing it
  • Step-by-step “How To” guide for building YOUR best swing for consistent distance
  • My highly advanced practice methods that will give you extra distance almost instantly and permanently

But don’t take just my word on it …

Rick Karbowski, Champions Tour Veteran
Rick Karbowski
Champions Tour Veteran

(Click arrow to play Rick’s audio)

  • “Everybody wants to hit the ball farther. With this e-video book, that can be accomplished.”
  • “I’m 12 to 15 yards longer on every tee shot.”
  • “Eric is a Re/Max World Long Drive Champion. He knows what works.”
  • “If you’ve done it, you know what to do. If you haven’t done it, you don’t know what to do. Eric has done it. And he’s a proven teacher in Northern California.”
  • “The content of the book is VERY GOOD. He’s incorporated sound techniques, the drills are very easy to use, and they make it simple to follow.”
  • “[My swing} has more freedom through impact. Freedom of movement equals more speed, and more speed equals more distance.”
  • “It’s not how hard you swing, it’s how FAST you swing.”
  • “[With this multi-media e-video book] that’s the beautiful part of it. You are swinging within yourself, and the ball is flying farther. What could be better than that?”

I know how frustrating it is if you’re not long off the tee …

  • Your buddies rib you mercilessly for being short
  • Your ball is never “best ball” off the tee
  • You are always first to take the second shot on every hole, because you’re always “away” after your drive

Not fun, is it?

It’s a matter of pride. Sure you may have a great iron game and short game, but imagine how much lower your scores would be if you were just 20 or 30 yards longer off the tee.

Ask Yourself One Question: What would being 30 yards longer off the tee do for your game?

The 5 keys to distance by Eric Jones

  • 3 strokes, 5 strokes, 7 strokes off your handicap?
  • Every round a joy rather than misery?
  • The satisfaction of hearing that perfect “SMACK!” on every drive?
  • The admiration … and envy … of your buddies?

All that is possible with “The 5 Keys To Distance” for half the price of a golf lesson.

How do I know?

Because every one of the techniques in this book came from my relentless pursuit to win the World Long Drive Championship.

And I did it. I won. My techniques work. Period.

And they can work for you too.

How Do I Know My Techniques Will Work for YOU?

Well, simply put, I’m an average guy.

Take another look at that video up there. I’m about average height, average build. I’m no muscle-bound behemoth
who drives it long through the sheer force of bulging arms and legs.

I’m average height, average weight, average fitness.

What I’m saying is … IF I CAN DO IT, YOU CAN DO IT.

If you can read, follow simple the simple videos and practice what I preach, you can be hitting it 50 yards

And I’ll give you your money back if you don’t agree. I’m putting my money where my mouth is.


In fact, here’s a sample of one of the videos. Watch it and see how simple my techniques are to add distance
and consistency to your game …

I guarantee you the first time you try this at the range or on the course and see how quickly it improves your ball striking, you’ll be rushing right back here to your computer screen to click on the order button.

The “Happy Toes” drill – WATCH THIS VIDEO!

If you are like most of my students, you will see an immediate improvement in your balance at
address, which will directly impact the quality of your ball striking and your consistency. We call this
drill “Happy Toes” and it will put a happy smile on your face from the first day you use it.

There are dozens of drills like this one in the book – each once specifically designed to help you get more

Get the Flash Player to see this video

WARNING: When you start using the 5 Keys to Distance, GET READY TO

If you’re ready to get more distance off the tee, every time, using tested and proven
techniques you won’t find anywhere else, order this ebook and videos today.

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I spent 6 years studying the elements of distance. I was relentless in my pursuit. I didn’t just want to be longer. I wanted to be the LONGEST. So I learned everything I could about distance.

And you know what? A lot of it was useless. A lot of the conventional wisdom about distance is just bunk. Follow most of the advice out there and you’ll never be as long as you want.

I read and practiced EVERYTHING. I kept the good. I threw out the bad. And I discovered LOTS of insights on my own that nobody teaches … insights that I’ve put in my book for you.

And what did my 6 years of study get me? The World Long Drive Championship!

What I spent 6 years learning and unlearning WORKS. It really works. Not just longer drives, but WORLD CLASS long drives.

But it won’t take YOU 6 years, or even 6 months. You could be hitting 30 to 50 yards longer THIS season. If you’ll let me prove it to you.

Here’s what a few of my long driving students say …

Dear Eric,
Instantly the game has became fun again. The consistency was amazing, both as to direction as well as trajectory and
shot shape. Even the sound of the iron shots was much better. Thanks for an exciting round. I look forward
to working through all the steps and drills. Greens in regulation are now the rule and not the exception.
More distance, less effort, more accuracy, no sore muscles, more fun.
Ron G
Phoenix, AZ

Here are a Few More Real World, Hard-Won Secrets I’ll Reveal:

  • How to develop a mental blueprint of your swing from start to finish. Trying to hit longer without this blueprint is like trying to build a home without a plan. Destined to collapse!
  • You’ll learn both what to do as well as why. And knowing WHY means you’ll integrate the concepts quickly. You’ll take them to the course right away – and absolutely KILL it.
  • These ideas are so simple and so fundamental that you’ll be wondering two things: why does everybody else make it so complex, and why hasn’t anybody explained it like this before? (You’ll learn the answer!)
  • The X-Factor myth exposed … and why it will cost you distance!
  • How to fix a slice or hook TODAY using swing path and clubface angle tips.
  • The secrets to a great draw – on command – even under pressure.
  • How to get a powerful, tension-free swing that is the very definition of effortless power.

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Hw Got 40 More Yards in JUST 8 DAYS!

Dear Eric,
Sorry if I am bothering you with all these e mails – it’s just I’m so passionate about the game and trying to improve and to fully UNDERSTAND what is/should be happening. The sole plant drill works fantastic! There is so much energy and flow that it is impossible to stop at impact, the momentum and sheer speed of the hips carry you right through to a full finish. Got tested on a speed monitor yesterday and the distance was back up to between 282 -288 yards compared to 244 yards being my best 8 days ago. Definite increase in distance with lots more to come!
Barry W
Northern California

What’s the Secret to Hitting Longer Drives?

The “secret” I’m about to tell you is simple, but it took me a LONG time to figure it out how to do it. This is hard-earned wisdom – from one golfer to another.

When I started working on increasing my own distance I was focused on the problem itself: How to hit the ball harder.
That makes sense, right?

But what I found is that when it comes to the golf swing, you can’t overcome the laws of physics OR the fundamental realities of biomechanics. You have to work with them.

Taking a swing that isn’t built for distance and intensifying that swing will not lead to more distance. It only leads to tension, and tension kills swing speed and accuracy.

The real “ah-ha!” moment came for me when I realized …

The ONE SECRET that made me a Long Drive Champion …

It’s about Swinging FASTER, not Harder

That one simple shift in thinking – not harder, but faster – changed my focus, took me in a brand new direction, and ultimately had a major effect on my long-term success as a competitive golfer, Long Drive Professioinal, and PGA Professional.

I focused on getting the clubhead through the ball a lot faster, and I learned that it’s actually an easy “fix” once you know the keys. The problem was, I had to learn the keys the hard way. Thanks to this book, you don’t have to.

This book represents the distillation of everything I have learned: the swing mechanics, the physics, the biomechanics, the mental approach, the practice routines, the drills, and even the learning process. Everything that I use myself and everything I teach my students. The lessons I’ve learned the hard way are now being used by my students with remarkable results. That’s why I know they’ll work for you.

So now you know:


Screen Shot: Power Sequence

But knowing that speed is the answer is not enough. Anybody can tell you what to do (and they usually do!).

You need to know HOW to generate speed every time you tee it up. And THAT”S the beauty of this book and videos, and where other golf books so often fall short.

THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO SHOWING YOU HOW TO LEARN to generate more clubhead speed AND hit the ball more squarely, at the right launch angle. With The 5 Keys to Distance you’ll know exactly how to accomplish that.

Max Out Your Distance When You Discover These Keys:

  • Why speed is more important than strength (It’s why I keep beating all the big boys in Long Drive – but don’t tell them!)
  • Finally “own” the fundamentals of a great swing in a way you’ve NEVER internalized them before … and add 30 yards this season
  • How to develop “athletic balance” and use it as the basis for maximum distance
  • ” How to use leverage to multiply your power source, regardless of your current physical strength – in less than a minute!
  • How to “stack” your center of mass to develop leverage and create an efficient, effortless swing
  • The crucial difference between a long swing and a wide swing. The difference is yards and yards of distance off the tee!
  • How to “crack the whip” to generate effortless speed while minimizing physical stress (fantastic stuff for anyone who has ever had lower back pain)
  • How to accelerate your club to the target, instead of to the ball, to hit it longer AND straighter

Dear Eric,
I just got your e-book and practiced several of the exercises demonstrated on your videos the night before
I played golf yesterday. I’ve been driving the ball about 190-200 yds previously, but after practicing and
focusing on a few of your principles, I was driving the ball 215 yds yesterday, so I’m already happy! So I
want to say thank you again. I love the simple straightforward approach of your drills and am looking forward
to the results. I’m about a 6 handicap right now and know the extra distance will help me reach scratch!
Marie D

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And here’s the real boon: My personal sequence (code name: BLAST) follows the natural sequence of your own swing – so you can develop the swing thought and the mechanics that achieve that fluid, athletic swing without feeling constantly overwhelmed and frustrated.

Screen shot: Tight Ankles Drill

You start in balance. You maintain your leverage. You widen your swing arc. You speed up your hips through impact. And you extend to the target. It all works together, seamlessly, to give you the distance you want.

In this e-video book I’ll break it down step-by-step, so you can create a swing that’s honed for an extra 20 to 50 yards or more, and you’ll never have to think about swinging harder again. Before you know it you’ll have all your buddies wondering how you did it as you keep walking down the fairway past their drives to your ball.

You don’t need a perfect golf swing in order to get distance

The primary focus of this book is how you can develop an EFFECTIVE swing for SPEED and SQUARE CONTACT at the right APPROACH ANGLE, and therefore get more distance.

That means teaching you how to make maximum use of your existing athletic ability to increase your club head speed through the impact zone.

One of the things that makes it unique is that you get written explanations of the drills as well as videos that show you how to do them. The two media support each other.

Screen Shot: Tee-Back Drill

You’ll understand clearly – and at a level of detail you have not encountered before – when you read about each of the 5 Keys. Then you’ll actually see the concepts and drills in action with the video component of this program. This is a fantastic combination of tools YOU can use to get more distance.

You’ll get the best of both worlds so you can understand HOW to do the drills, WHY you’re doing them and WHAT to look for in the results.

Perhaps most important, you’ll learn how to practice, so you can master the drills. It’s no good having drills unless you can master them in a way that helps you get the result. I’ll reveal some cutting-edge information from leaders in motor learning, cognitive processing, and human kinetics that will help you learn far faster and far more efficiently than rote practice.

These ideas (which you will find in the “Effective Practice” section of the book) are based on the latest research about how athletes learn new skills in the fastest, most effective way. The information comes straight from the people who work with our US Olympic athletes and professional sports teams. More than likely you have never been taught how to practice effectively, so this section will be a huge eye-opener, and a fabulous bonus.

How to ETCH The Keys In Your Brain So You’ll Never Forget Them

  • You’ll discover my advanced practice methods that help you learn and improve three times faster
  • Why most golfers forget everything they learn as soon as they leave the range, but how you can develop muscle memory to insure your body “remembers” everything
  • How your mental approach alone can add 25 to 50 yards under pressure
  • How releasing tension in a single muscle in your left leg at address can free up your whole body and substantially improve your ability to turn, swing faster, and hit it farther
  • Why having a pre-shot routine for every shot under all conditions will help you hit more consistent shots more often. BUT NOT JUST ANY ROUTINE
  • How to analyze your finish position to effectively diagnose your swing and immediately stop the bleeding
  • How your range bucket can double as a training device to maximize the power in your legs
  • Why a 3/4-swing can produce the same distance as a full swing but be deadly accurate
  • How learning a simple waltz beat can help you hold lag and square up your clubface
  • Power leaks? How to identify them and plug them fast
  • Why you should FIRE your current instructor if they don’t know how to help you practice the 5 Keys to Distance

But Wait! This Program May Not Be For You

If you’re already driving the ball as long as you KNOW you can, you may not need this book.

If you aren’t struggling to get the extra distance you KNOW you have in you, then you may not need this book.

If you’re locked into the “conventional wisdom” about practice, you will hate this book.

But, I don’t need to tell you whether or not you need this information in this e-video book. If you need this book, you already know it.

8 Reasons You’ll Agree
“The 5 Keys To Distance”
is Different
From Any Golf Book You’ve Ever Read

  1. This e-book & videos are about getting real world results. I’ve competed in the World Long Drive Championships for each of the last 6 straight years. I put these concepts to the ultimate test each year, and I have been highly successful.
  2. This e-book is written by an expert on distance. It represents years of study, trial-and-error, testing, and refinement. The videos represent years of working with thousands of students to see and understand what really works for them. It has been my mission to put it all together for golfers of all levels so they can enhance their own athletic ability to hit it farther, score better, and enjoy the game more.
  3. This e-book is not about forcing you to build the perfect swing. You don’t need it. With the concepts described in this book you will be able to understand and apply the fundamentals to YOUR swing in your own unique way. Instead of a perfect swing, you will learn to generate an efficient, speed-friendly swing that will help you make a consistent, athletic, fluid strike at the ball, time after time.
  4. This e-book is organized to work in the sequence of your own swing and help you develop a single, unified swing thought to refine your club head speed and distance and keep those things on track, permanently. You will understand the concepts AND the context in a way that will make sense and enable you drive the ball farther.
  5. You get real-world drills created specifically to work on the elements of the swing that will enable you to master the 5 Keys. There is no other product that has this kind of detailed approach to the entire sequence and the drills. And the drills themselves are uniquely designed to get YOU the results you want.
  6. This program, unlike any other, tells you how to use 5 Keys to overcome distracting mental chatter. My expertise in Sport Psychology has given me unique insights into high-performance golf. In fact, as part of my Master’s degree thesis I conducted a research study to look at what really works to help people learn: the learning feedback loop and the three stages of new skill development. That mastery is built into this book.
  7. This e-book is not about a quick-fix. It’s about amplifying your own natural athletic abilities to do what really matters to get distance. When you begin practicing to make the changes you in your swing, you will understand the “What, Why, and How”, and the changes will be permanent.
  8. You have my guarantee.

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I want to help you get the distance you want, and I don’t want anything to stand in the way of your achieving what you want
to achieve in your golf game. I decided to price this program very affordably. And it comes with my
better-then-money-back “I’ll take all the risk” Guarantee.

100% Money-back Gurantee

The price? Just $47.00 for the downloadable book and the 16 videos.

I’m so convinced that you will benefit from the information in this book that it comes with a no-risk, unconditional 60-day
PERFORMANCE BASED money-back guarantee.

If you implement my techniques and do not add 20 yards to your tee shot, just send it back within 60 days. You’ll get a full refund.

Can it get any better?

I’m making that guarantee because this instruction is not about approaches or gimmicks. It’s about the fundamentals that really matter if you want more distance.

Think about this: $47 dollar is less than half the cost of a one-hour golf lesson!

In fact, if you came to me for private instruction to learn the concepts in this book, you’d have to spend more than $2,100.00 to get all this information. Compared to what you probably spend on greens fees, range balls, clubs, and everything else, ordering The 5 Keys to Distance is peanuts.

So I’d like to sweeten the deal and truly make it “an offer you’d be crazy to refuse.”

Order Now and Get $218 in Free Bonuses!

When You Order Now, not only will you be able to instantly download the e-video book, you’ll get 4 Important Bonuses, including a 45 Minute Interview with World Renowned Sport Psychologist to the Pros – Dr. Glen Albaugh – just for buying the 5 Keys to Distance.

Purchase the book for just $47 and get these BONUS OFFERS

Here’s how it works: If you order now and I’ll include, for FREE:

Dr. Glen AlbauchDr. Glen Albaugh
My Exclusive 45-minute video interview with Dr. Glen Albaugh, world renowned Sport Psychologist to PGA Tour Pros and
author of the top selling book “Winning the Battle Within.” Dr. Albaugh shares his top three secret insights that PGA
Tour players say have made them millions of dollars and will help you take your game to the next level. Value – $97.00


My “ScoreTracker™” spreadsheet. This simple and easy to use Excel-based spreadsheet contains some powerful diagnostic
tools that will enable you to track your game and help you to understand where to focus your practice time and energy.
Track up to 10 rounds on any golf course. The program automatically summarizes the results for you. Value – $27.00

Range Discovery Planner Range Discovery Planner

The “Range Discovery Planner™” by PGA Professional Rick Laforet – the “personal golf coach.” The Range Discovery
Planner helps you to plan and focus your practice time on the range. My own research has shown that how you practice
on the range is absolutely critical to your success. With this easy to use worksheet you will improve your practice
effectiveness by a factor of 10. Value – $67.00

Personal Stimp MeterPersonal Stimp Meter

The “Personal Stimp Meter™” video series. Have you ever wondered how to judge the distance on an unfamiliar green?
This simple yet powerful tool will have you judging speed like a pro in no time, and it is based entirely on your
current game. Value – $27.00

When you order, I will send you an email with special links to each of these bonus offers.

When you click on any of the ORDER NOW buttons you’ll be taken to a secure order page where you can purchase the e-video book. You will be able to download it instantly! No running around to stores or waiting for mail. Plus, you will have unlimited access to the training videos and bonus offers! You can use a valid credit, debit card, or PayPal for your order. ClickBank sells our products – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products.
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(*** Note also that although you will immediately receive a link to download the e-video book, your delivery and download time may vary depending you the type and quality of your computer and your internet connection.)

I truly want to help you get the distance you want. I’m passionate about it. I get emails every day from golfers using my concepts to improve their success off the tee and on the course, and I want to help you too.

Click on the link below and place your order now.

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P.S. This e-book and the videos will give you to tools to quickly and completely transform yourself on the tee. You’ll be amazed at just how quickly you will feel your confidence building, and as you progress, your swing is going to feel more effortless. I know that seems like an impossibility, but I guarantee that when you start getting the distance you want, you will feel as if you are actually swinging easier. Chances are this program contains EXACTY what you need to put it all together and develop a more fluid, athletic and speed-friendly swing that gets you those extra 20-25 yards. And I guarantee it will work for you.

P.P.S. As always, if you have questions about this program, I’ll be available by email. I’m here to help you get the distance you KNOW you can hit.

I’ll see you down the fairway. WAAAY down the fairway!

Eric Jones, MA (Sport Psychology)
World Long Drive Champion
PGA Class A Professional

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