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Inside the email you will find a confirmation link. Usually the link will be in blue, and will start with an address followed by random characters –;slkerknfa;ld/etc

Please open your email and click the blue link inside the message.

As soon as you click the confirmation link you will be taken directly to the first training video “THE SECRET TO LAG“, and we’ll get started on finding you more distance off the tee!

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Please CHECK YOUR INBOX NOW and Click the Confirmation Link
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Note: The email usually arrives within a few seconds of the time you click the submit button, so if you don’t immediately see the confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder, or do a search using “HelpDesk” or “Confirmation email from Eric” This confirmation process is one of the ways we help fight spam and reduce the number of emails coming to your inbox. We NEVER share your info. I’ll be sending you a reminder of when the next video is up, so you may want to add to your address list to be sure emails get through.