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  • Want to know how to get more distance? The answer isn’t “Hit it Harder” because you already know that leads to disaster. The Answer is “Speed.” Specifically, increasing your club head speed. Watch the first video to discover how to get more swing speed immediately, and more distance the very next time you play!
  • Want to know what LAG is, and why having more lag helps you hit longer drives and crisper iron shots? Watch the first video to discover the Secret To Lag to make your ball “pop” off the club face!
  • Want to “hear” where the power leaks are in your swing? Watch the first video and try the “Whoosh” drill. WARNING: The results will shock you!
  • Ever wonder why your easiest-feeling swings produce your longest drives? Watch the second video to see the crucial body-position you need at impact — but only if you like the idea of “Effortless Distance!
  • Want to know how to become a more consistent driver of the ball? Watch the third video to discover this one major mistake made by 90% of all golfers that destroys consistency and kills distance. You DON’T want to be part of that 90%!  I’ll show you a quick set-up check that is so simple and effective it will blow your mind!
  • Want to know what the roadmap looks like to systematically train your golf swing for distance? Watch the fourth video to see five simple swing concepts that can add 20, 30, even 50 or more yards to your drives. These are the answers you’ve been looking for!


[content_box_yellow width=”85%”] Dear Golfer,

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as the feel of your driver connecting (and I mean REALLY connecting) with the golf ball. And … there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing the look of amazement from your buddies when they watch your ball sail right past their drives.

But there’s nothing more frustrating than dribbling your ball off the tee or sending it into the woods on the one hole where you really need your best drive. And there’s nothing more paralyzing as standing on the first tee without having a clue where your drive is going to end up.

Hitting great drives on a regular basis shouldn’t be so hard.

The fact is that it isn’t … once you know the right fundamentals.

Hi, my name is Eric Jones and I’m the 2003 Remax World Long Drive Champion and 9-time world long drive finalist. I’ve been in your shoes and walked that lonely walk down the fairway to the shortest drive. It can be downright discouraging.

I always wondered why I could hit a terrific drive on one hole and then completely biff it on the next. What was the difference? I’m sure I was a lot like you when I hit the range – experimenting with all kinds of tips and swing changes in an effort to learn the answer. I never really got any better.

Then in 2003 I qualified for the World Long Drive Championship, and that was all the motivational focus I needed.

I started to study the golf swing in a systematic way. I broke it down and picked it apart and measured everything. In the end I discovered the most effective fundamental techniques for driving for distance. They turned an average-sized guy like me into one of the top long drivers in the world.

You see, distance isn’t about power. As one of the smaller guys in long drive I’m proof that the answer to getting the maximum distance out of your golf swing is knowing the right technique.

As a PGA Teaching Professional I’ve mentored thousands of students one-on-one to help them discover and tap into their own under-utilized skills to hit the longer drives they know they can hit. I’ve applied the training from my Masters degree in Sport Psychology to help them clear away the useless chatter and speed-killing tension that was holding them back from hitting exceptional drives.

The same techniques that worked to make me a long drive World Champion (and exactly the same techniques that work over and over for my students) can work for you because …

These Simple Techniques Have Changed the Game
For Golfers of All Skill Levels Forever …

… and You Can Try Them For Free

Distance doesn’t have to be hard.

There are five simple keys to your golf swing you need to know that – once you learn them – will shatter the idea that tips and gimmicks will ever get you consistent distance.

Learn these 5 fundamental keys to distance and you’ll develop the kind of swing that can add 20 yards, 30 yards, even 50 yards or more to your drives.

I’ve seen it time and again with my students. Not only do they hit it longer, but the five simple keys improve their fundamentals so much they’re hitting more fairways and making more solid contact more often. The result?

My students play with a ton more confidence,
shave strokes off their scores,
and have a heck of a lot more fun
on the golf course.

If you are passionate about your game (and I know you are, because you are here, reading this letter) I’d like to prove to you that these 5 simple swing keys will work for you. I’m going to show you how to …

Add 20 Yards to Your Drives Right Now.
For Free!

That’s right. In just a few minutes – and at absolutely no cost to you – I will give you access to four amazing, content-packed videos that reveal my 5 simple keys to distance plus secrets that your local pro and even the TV gurus don’t know.

There’s no cost to view the videos. You don’t have to leave a credit card. All you need is a few minutes and the desire to drive your golf ball farther.

There’s nothing to lose …

… and there’s at least 20 yards to gain by watching these free videos.

Enter your name and email right now and “WOW!” your golf buddies – and yourself! – the very next time you play!

I’ll see you down the fairway!

Eric Jones
PGA Professional
Masters in Sport Psychology
World Long Drive Champion


PS – These videos have examples you can try WHILE YOU WATCH that will show you the power leaks in your golf swing. So get ready to get up out of your chair and do them right along with me![/content_box_yellow]