Welcome Bridges Students!

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Welcome to my home online. Glad to have you!

Please take a moment to check your inbox now for an email from HelpDesk@TargetCenteredGolf.com with the subject line:

“Confirmation Email from Eric: Please click the link inside to verify your info”

Inside the email you will find a confirmation link. Usually the link will be in blue, and will start with an address followed by random characters.

Please open your email and click the blue link inside the message.

Clicking the link will allow you to get my emails and monthly newsletter – full of tips and advice for improving your game.

Please also add my email address “HelpDesk@TargetCenteredGolf.com” to your Contact list to ensure you receive future emails.

See you down the fairway!



and Click the Blue Confirmation Link


Note: The confirmation email usually arrives within a few seconds of the time you click the submit button, so if you don’t immediately see the confirmation email, please check your spam or junk folder, or do an email search using “HelpDesk” or “Confirmation email from Eric” This confirmation process is one of the ways we help fight spam and reduce the number of emails coming to your inbox. We NEVER share your info. I’d also advise you to whitelist HelpDesk@TargetCenteredGolf.com to be sure emails get through.

If you need technical assistance please send an email to SUPPORT@TargetCenteredGolf.Zendesk.com. Describe as much as you can about your issue after you’ve added “HelpDesk@TargetCenteredGolf.com” to your Contact list and we’ll do our darnedest to help.

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