Watch the video to learn about Leverage and Effortless Power


If you want to hit your driver farther it will really help you to understand the concept of “leverage.”

Leverage is the secret to “effortless” golf swings because it helps you use the big muscles of your core, which helps you generate more core speed.

There’s also a secondary leverage position I’ll reveal that will help you transfer more momentum to the golf ball at impact. Watch this video to learn two ways you can leverage your power without having to swing harder.

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There are only three things you can do to get more distance. We call these the Ball Flight Laws:
–> Increase Your Club Head Speed
–> Improve your Center Contact
–> Optimize Your Launch Angle
If you want more distance, everything you practice should improve one of these Laws, and the most important ball flight law for you to work on is Club Head Speed. In this video we’ll take a look at “Lag” and do a simple exercise that will show you where you are losing your lag and robbing yourself of club head speed and distance.
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The best way to improve your distance off the tee is to understand exactly what you should be working on and why, and then to systematically practice the correct techniques. There’s so much golf information available that you may be working at cross-purposes and not even know it – except for your frustration with a lack of progress.
What you really need is a simple, straightforward explanation of the key elements of distance, and a structured training program that will get you results. Watch this video for the answers to your distance questions, and description of the training program that thousands of golfers have used to achieve breakthrough results.

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  1. Hi Eric. Two great swing thoughts,took them straight to the course this morning,and it worked big time,thank you very much,the sad thing for us mister average golfers is we don’t have coaches to tell us when our swings slip,then there was you.thanks very much.John.

    • Eric Jones, MA, PGA

      Thanks John! Glad you found the thoughts helpful! Since I can’t be there in person for everybody, I’m doing the best I can to design training programs that don’t just tell you what to do, but WHY. That way you can become your own best coach. Stay tuned, and please recommend the videos to your golfing buddies. Cheers!

  2. Jim

    i like the connection part…i learned that in baseball…that is where Babe Ruth got his power way back when…he taught it to a baseball player turned golfer who taught Jimmy Ballard who teaches it to golfers still. i used to use the same concept to teach golf, baseball and tennis swings for power and consistancy. i will try the foot drill now.
    any suggestions on getting more distance from a 99# Asian female?
    thanks. what is your MA for? kinesiology?
    take care and God bless.

    • Eric Jones, MA, PGA

      Thanks for your comment, Jim.
      If Babe Ruth taught it, just goes to show you how consistent certain concepts are across all sports. As I say, when in doubt, err on the side of athleticism.
      Suggestions for your featherweight Asian female: Practice swinging fast. In particular, I recommend the Baseball Rip Swing (note the cross-over) drill, which is one of the first drills you’ll find in The 5 Keys To Distance.
      My Masters degree is in Sport Psychology. Interestingly enough, there is a lot of cross-pollination between Kinesiology and Sport Psych. For me … it’s all about efficient human movement, and high performance. I see part of my job as delving deep into the science behind kinesiology and the art of Mental skills, and then translating that into practical applications every-day golfers can understand and use to their benefit. I am constantly reading and researching the latest and greatest on high performance. But what I love to do is sit in the middle – translating concepts into simple applications. It’s an art, and to my dismay there are very few PGA teaching professionals willing to make the investment. I’m hoping to change all that. My goal, of course, is to ultimately make it simpler for the average golfer to know why and how to play better. In the long run, that’s one of the things that will help sustain and even grow the game.
      Send your comments and observations any time. Love to hear from you.

  3. rob

    great info! instant slice remover!

  4. Jim

    Eric – All this is well & good, but how about us poor schmucks who have had back surgery or two or three. I understand the principles of using your legs and hips, but if you can’t turn-then what do you do. I’ve been told to keep my left foot flat during my swing, but then I’m essentially limited to just my arms. If I can roll my front foot then I can get some body turn. However, it is hard to connect consistantly. When I connect it is obvious I gain substantial yardage but I’m not going to spend the winter practicing that swing if I can’t expect reasonable sucess.

    • Eric Jones, MA, PGA

      Hi Jim,
      Teachers who don’t take into account the specific needs of individuals when teaching the swing make me furious!
      If you have a bad back there is no way you can have a “classic” swing … yet that is what you are being told to do. Crazy!
      You need to do what works for you.
      If you have a bad back you want to make a swing that keep your spine as “neutral” as possible. The classic swing creates a hip tilt in the backswing, with the left hip dipping down to the ball. On the downswing the hip angle is reversed, and the right hip comes through impact lower than the left.
      BUT .. this motion is VERY hard on the back. Trying to maintain a tilt while rotating tears the spinal cartilage agains the facets in the lower back.
      Far better to keep your hips level during the backswing and downswing. That keeps your spine neutral. That means your left heel needs to come up during the backswing.
      I made this switch 10 years ago, and it is one of the reasons I’ve never had a back issue in long drive.
      Take a look at Anneka Sorenstam’s driver swing on YouTube. You’ll see that she keeps her hips level during the swing, and that to do so her left heel comes up off the ground. I talk about this in The 5 Keys To Distance.
      If it will help you play golf pain-free for another 20 years, learning how to keep the hips level would be worth the time investment.

  5. Eric…… are da man……..great drills , and you way of teaching is one of the BEST I’ve ever watched…….your delivery and explanations of what and why are awesome my friend. I am a 3, 65 yrs old, still hit it 250 260 sometimes futher. My point is, using YOUR drills has helped me maintain my distance, and not lose it. Thanks again for being a great instructor, and sharing with us your keys to success. God bless you and your family man. My Best to you……Ryan Smith

  6. Daniel Larson

    so far great . . .BUT you do not say anything about “hooks” and “slices” when thing don’t go right . . .OR if this works, how it will cure those ills. Comments???

    • Eric Jones, MA, PGA

      Hi Daniel,
      This program isn’t necessarily about curing hooks and slices. But an interesting thing happens when you work through the drills. Because the concepts in my 5 Keys program are fundamentals, your fundamentals improve. We know that hooks and slices occur primarily because the club face is not square at impact. But when you start to dig deeper to find out WHY the face isn’t square, you often find that one of the fundamentals (like Athletic Balance) is missing or being done incorrectly. When you get your body in the right position, it is much easier to get the club face square. The Leverage concept I talk about in this video is another of those fundamentals. Try the drills, and see if they put your body in a better position to square up the club face at impact. I bet they do.


“I recently purchased your instructional videos on Long Drive. They are the best golf teaching tool I have ever found. Your explanations of what to do and why are outstanding. I am a structural engineer and have a good understanding of the physics, mechanics and dynamics of the golf swing, so your explanations are especially meaningful to me. At age 63, I am still reasonably fit and strong, and your instructional videos have increased my average distance per club by 15 to 30 yards… Thanks for excellent videos!” – Barry

Hi Eric, I wanted to send you a big thanks to your 5 Keys to Distance program. It has done two very important things with my golf. The first is that it has increased my ball flight carry by 10% in only a few weeks. And secondly and the most satisfying is it has given my whole golf game in particular my shots from scoring range (100 yards and closer to the green) pure control with my centered balance. So I can't thank you enough. Your effective balance drills I do without fall each day before I have breakfast, and will continue to be my daily routine. Without Balance The Club Can Not Swing!! Kind regards Clayton P.

“Eric, After several weeks of study and practice on the first section of BLAST. The results have been OUTSTANDING thus far… at age 73 my driver length ranged between 175 yards and 210 yards. Now with some extensive self-help training from you the distances are ranging from 220 yards to 255 yards. The 255 yd. distance was achieved after working on the BALANCE, LEVERAGE & ARC WIDTH drills…Thank you for your help. I almost resigned myself to play from the seniors tee or give up golf!” – Dick B.

"I just wanted to follow up with you regarding my progress while using your program. After just 3 months I am seeing a lot of new and exciting things happening to my golf swing. I find that I am hitting all of my clubs longer and more squarely than ever before. Every shot I hit now feels like it is hitting the sweet spot and is going very straight. My club head speed use to be about 90 mph now my club head speed is on average 110 mph. The main key for me was increasing my hip speed and reducing my grip pressure. My old swing was very arm dependent and now it feels like I can swing much faster with a lot less effort. Thank you again for your great series..." - Jorge O.

Dear Eric, Played today and hit it better than I have for some time. I have always struggled with distance. Today shot 7 over hitting it 15 - 20 yards further off the tee. One went a good 40 yards further nearly driving a short par 4. Amazing after only 2 days. Thanks for helping me understand leverage, arc and club head speed for the first time. David J.

Hi Eric, I ordered your book and DVD a few weeks ago and I'm getting a lot out of it! I'm going very slowly, but thoroughly. Thanks very much for writing it - I've read tons of golf books, but no one has ever put as much emphasis on balance and FEELING what the body is doing during the swing. The drills bypass the intellect and force the body to "get it" directly. Pete

"I received your book yesterday and have been reading it and highlighting ever since. Your book, DVD, and interviews are awesome!! Just what I have been looking for a very long time. I can tell already that I need to build up some stabilizing muscles in my body. Thanks again for your dedicated research and sharing this incredible book with your fellow golfers" - Mike P.

“Just want to tell you that I've been doing the drills for a few weeks now, up to the swing arc drills, and am noticing much improvement at the range. I can't wait to take it out to the course. Thanks for simplifying golf instruction for me!" - Rick P.

Dear Eric -- Instantly the game has become fun again. The consistency was amazing, both as to direction as well as trajectory and shot shape. Even the sound of the iron shots was much better. Thanks for an exciting round. I look forward to working through all the steps and drills. Greens in regulation are now the rule and not the exception. More distance, less effort, more accuracy, no sore muscles, more fun." - Ron G.

Eric, best investment I've made so far in all the you know whats out there. I played nine and was nailing my tee shots like I haven't seen in ages. I haven't been more encouraged ever..." - Peter S.

Eric, I have to tell you that I’m absolutely delighted with your drills.They make perfect sense to me, and I’m actually enjoying doing them because I can tell intuitively that they will make a real difference. I have for a long time avoided going to the range because I felt that I was simply reinforcing my mistakes. I am going to the range now with quite a different attitude because I’m confident that your drills will help me really improve my game. After only two sessions on the range I can see improvement already . I’m determined to keep up with the drills, and I can tell you that your presentation of them is excellent. I’ve had lots of lessons in the past from some of the best "swing gurus" in the world. But none of them have made a real difference to my swing like you have. I’m very excited now because I can already feel the difference. Thanks again for your help, and for taking the trouble to write to me. Best wishes Jeff W.

“Eric, Am doing as you say and have seen remarkable improvement in the past week. My balance, hip turn, leverage etc were out of whack. For a little old 75 yr old I hit a 300-yard drive on 16 and was over the green in two with a baffler on a par 5. Thanks” - Klaus

Eric, I’m impressed with your advice. I’ve learned much more from your program than from any of the other programs I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot of them. Your drills have given me insights into what’s wrong with my swing, and the means of correcting the problems I have. I’m sure I can overcome all my bad habits as I continue with the drills and concentrate on achieving better balance and leverage, and a high finish. Thanks again. Jeff W.

After the dozens of lessons I have had from accomplished PGA pros and the hundreds of hours I have spent practicing my swing I did not believe I would ever be able to overcome my obsession with the mechanics of the swing. Nor did I believe it was even possible to will myself into “the zone” and, potentially, stay there for long periods in spite of the chaos going on around me. Nor did I believe I could apply the concepts involved in the full swing to every part of my game with ease and immediate results. After reading The Five Keys to Distance, practicing your drills for a few months and taking just one lesson from you, I now know I was wrong on all counts! your methods are pure genius! JM

Eric, I am loving the course - Already seeing more distance but more importantly (to me), consistency is way up throughout the bag. Thanks! Al P

Eric, I know you promised me 20 more yards with my driver. I'm actually getting more like 30 yards and sometimes even 50 more yards. But what you didn't mention is the added distance WITH EVERY CLUB IN MY BAG! I'm hitting all my irons at least one club longer, plus I'm really compressing the ball now. It's so much fun! You should tell everyone about this "extra" benefit from your program! Gerry M.

Hi Eric, Got to tell you that I really like your encouragement and support with the specific helpful hints and reminders. My guess is that we all have a lot going on but really want to try to be very disciplined about learning and practicing, the reality is that in most cases it will not happen without your prompts and pushes. I love it and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for becoming a good friend. Paul R.

Eric: Your book and dvd have helped me correct problems with my swing which have added 20 yards to all of my clubs. I'm so impressed that I want to order another book/dvd for my grandson who is on his high school golf team. Bob C.

Dear Eric, I just had to tell you that since I bought the Five Keys to Distance (last week), and although I have only managed to work with the balance section and am still busy with it, I am soooooooo excited because I am immediately more consistent and my accuracy has improved dramatically right through from driving to putting. It is astounding and revelationary just to work with the balance concepts and drills. You are right when you say coaches don't even touch on balance. None of mine ever have! I've played four rounds and come down from 92 to 82 in those four rounds! I cant wait to see whats going to happen when I have been through all the material but am in no hurry as I wish to go through everything thoroughly and in order. I just want to thank you so much cos even if i don't get any further I have definitely got my moneys worth already! I am a 53 year old woman, mad keen on golf and play off a 13 at the moment. All I can say is this is such fun. Thank you so much, Regards, Beryl B

Hello Eric. I am blown away by these exercises. They make sense and now I realize I have been on that tip hamster wheel for a long time. I will say in the short time I have used your program I have been able to hit most greens in regulation. I am driving farther and my short game has improved greatly. I use to get on the green in 4 now I am on in two and putting for a bird. I can hardly wait to become proficient with all your exercises. Thank YOU! Jess

Eric, I am 73 years old and after watching the videos and practicing the drills a few times, today I shot my best score ever (82 which includes a triple bogey). Great!!!! Richard A

Dear Eric, Your views on “fast Hips” and working from the bottom up on the downswing are excellent. I believe the feedback these drills give you are a great education on my own swing and why I produce good and poor shots. Should save a lot of wasted time and lead to far more enjoyment of the best game in the world! Martin H.

Dear Eric, I'm really enjoying doing the drills and feel this is the programme that will surely benefit me. Your programme is indeed very scientific and helping me immensely. And what is really great is your consistent follow-up. Unlike other sites who make the sale and then are gone, then only come back when they have something new to sell. You are indeed setting the standard for excellence in teaching. Thanks a lot, Atulya S

Hello Eric I’m really enjoying your no nonsense, practical, informative videos and instruction manual. I’m showing immediate improvement in my game as I’m sure all would who follow. It’s great for those that aren’t scared to shoot low and aren’t scared to drive a monster. Rgds, Stuart

Eric, This is superb instruction. Very clear an easy to understand. I have countless books and videos on golf instruction but you are the first person to explain these principles so clearly. I have been struggling for years with hitting from the top and now after watching just a couple of videos I have very clear idea of how to finally overcome it. Thank you very much. Don

Hi Eric, thank you for your tips on how to carry lag. I just realized that I have been doing it all wrong and that is why my distance never improved even though I drink energy boosters and do extra gym work. I also realized that I have been focusing on the ball and not on the target. Again thanks for the simple and yet effective method of instruction and more power to you. Toby

Hi Eric, Thank you, after 20 years of playing Golf I’m now starting to see an overall improvement in my game, the most enjoyable part has been the much improved distance and accuracy from the tee. The whoosh drill makes sense to me and I believe this is the right path to improve my game even further, my handicap has now been reduced and looking forward to it coming down even more. Roy W.

Eric, nice job my friend. Not only is your instruction clearly presented in picture and word but also practical and I use it on the range and the course. I am working on the technique with all the clubs in the bag. Thank you for your help. Ed L.

Ahhhh… It’s finally coming together. very nice training sequence! Errol

Hi Eric. Thank you for your good advise. I am a guy from Denmark and have played golf for 10 years. I have experimented with my golf swing and have not been certain about where in the golf swing one would have to release the power. Now I will follow your instruction. Thorston

G'day mate. "GUILTY” of squaring the shoulders at impact. I have been working on leading my right elbow in my downswing working really well till it comes to impact, then I push it left or block straight out to the right. How can this be I tell myself when everything feels so good? Well now i know, I am stopping at impact and not rotating through. How bloody simple is that when it is explained by someone like yourself! Thank you mate for sharing your knowledge with us. All the best. Gary T.

I have been playing golf, for over 30 years, and this was the BEST explanation of lag and creating speed that I have ever seen! I am going to start working on these moves, right now-in my den! Thanks. Art D.

Hi Eric, I am a teaching professional in Australia, I get to watch a lot of videos on golf and it is refreshing to see yours that are simple to understand for all and correct in their nature. Communication is the most difficult thing in coaching. Keep up the good work! Terry A

Fascinating. I can see where a blocked turn would cause hindrance and a loss of distance. Oh, by the way, I got my irons (at least short irons) to work for me now. 150 yards easy for 8 iron, and that's very good for me. It's your approach to the issue that's so easy to understand. Honestly, I can glean loads of information from your presentation. Usable information. Normally I cannot do that, no matter how hard I try. Fantastic teacher! Ray B.

Eric - I have been playing golf for over 50 years,(now 75 handicap 5), had numerous lessons and read just about every golf book that has been written. I can honestly say that these video lessons describe what the ideal golf swing should accomplish and how to perform it. My oh my,…. if only this instruction had been available when I started to play! This is seriously the best instruction ever, I actually perform these moves after all the years of experiment, readers now have it in a package without having to go through all the frustration of knowing how to do it. Peter B.

Eric, You have an uncanny ability to break down the components of the golf swing into simple terms with great clarity. I gain additional insight each time I read your book “5 Keys to Distance” and review this video. Thank you soooo much. Orson L.