Eric Jones and fitness trainer Mike Pedersen “On The Range”

On a trip to the Phoenix area just after winning the World Long Drive Championship for the second time I gave my friend Mike Pedersen a call to see if he would take time from his busy schedule to come work with me on my golf fitness.

I have Mike’s golf fitness training program – The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide – and I use many of the exercises he outlines in his program as part of my own fitness training. But there’s nothing like going right to the source when you want an expert opinion.

Mike was kind enough to agree to meet me in the gym, but only on one condition: that I spend some time with him and his golf game first.

That sounded like a great idea, and we thought we’d film each session and share it. We had a lot of fun and we each learned some key ideas from the other.

Mike’s First Lesson: Athletic Balance

pedersen-address-lean-lineIn this first video we are on the range taking a look at Mike’s swing.

Like the vast majority of my golf students, Mike wasn’t in bad balance per se. But he wasn’t in the best balance position at address.

Most golfers make the mistake of leaning forward when they bend to get into their address posture. This pulls their center of mass (which is located in the middle of the body) out over their toes. It doesn’t take much forward lean to produce an unstable axis of rotation during the swing.

In fact, did you notice in the video how it only takes me one finger to topple him forward?

When you watch the video, notice Mike’s finish after the first swing. There’s a little bit of wobble at the end, and he winds up leaning in toward where the ball was on his finish – a sure sign of less than ideal balance.

Swing Issues: Curing the Slice, Flip, Chicken Wing, and Off-Center Hits

As I explain to Mike in the video, leaning out over the toes during the swing will cause the lower body to stop rotating as it gets to the impact zone. It does that to keep you from falling over.

The good news is that you’re still standing at the end of the swing. But the bad news is that stopping your rotation can lead to disastrous results.

driver-open-clubface-252xThe most common issue is an open club face at impact, which leads to a slice.

If you have been struggling with a slice and can’t figure out how to make square contact at impact, the issue may actually relate to your balance rather than something you are doing during the swing.

If you don’t turn your body enough toward the target at impact, the club face does not get back to square at impact. Being even slightly out of balance can keep you from rotating enough.

That slight lean can also lead to flipping at impact, causing a pull-hook when the left wrist collapses, or the dreaded chicken-wing, which robs you of distance.

Any one of these issues can also cause off-center contact, which also reduces distance as well as accuracy.

The Cure: Happy Toes for Athletic Balance

pedersen-address-balanced-lineAs you watch the video Mike learns what Athletic Balance should feel like. He liked the term “grounded” where he felt like he was in a really solid position at address.

You’ll also notice that when Mike did the “Happy Toes” move at set-up, his adjustment was small – he moved his hips back only an inch or so. But then when you watch the swing, his ball flies out dead straight, and his finish is balanced.

That one small adjustment alone will add 5 to 10 yards to Mike’s drives.

Perhaps even more important, it will help him to be more consistent and hit more fairways. That means lower scores.

Like Mike learned, it sometimes takes only small adjustments to make major improvements.


Athletic Balance is just the first of the five fundamental swing concepts covered in The 5 Keys To Distance.

There are four more.

Mastering any one of the concepts, like Athletic Balance, can get you 10 more yards. Students who invest the time and energy to conquer all five have picked up as much as 50 to 60 yards off the tee.

Imagine what a difference 50 yards would make to your game. 5Keys-book-paperback-w100

5-keys-product-dvdIf you want to hit the ball farther you need THE 5 KEYS TO DISTANCE. It’s the most comprehensive training program ever developed to maximize your distance – off the tee, and with every club in your bag.

That’s because it’s the training program Eric developed to win his first World Long Drive Championship.


 This is not a collection of tips and tricks. It didn’t even start out as a formal training program.

Like you Eric got really frustrated with the ineffectiveness of all the “tips” from so-called experts who in real life can’t hit a drive past their shadow. He needed results. He had qualified for the first time for the long drive championships.

This was the real deal.

But that’s where his training as a PGA Professional helped.

2012-worlds-finish-150xeric_jones_golf_swing_analysis2Eric systematically broke down and analyzed all the parts of the swing that contribute to distance.

Then he tested.

And tested.

And tested.

Using a launch monitor he was able to track which swing adjustments actually produced results.

Even then it wasn’t easy.

The first swing adjustment Eric tried – getting a wider swing arc – actually backfired. He wound up losing both distance and accuracy.

That was counter-intuitive!

Everybody said a wider swing arc will produce more club head speed. What was wrong?


That’s when Eric made a key discovery: There is a progression of swing concepts that must be followed in order for any swing changes to be effective and work together.

You can’t make one swing change without it affecting another part of the swing.

You have to understand the progression, and how the swing works together.

The great news was that Eric eventually discovered that the progression follows the natural order of the golf swing:

    • Set up in Balance;
    • Maintain your Leverage position on the take-away;
    • Widen your Swing Arc on the backswing;
    • Maximize your Core Speed on the downswing to maintain lag;
    • Extend to the Target on the follow-through.

When Eric tried to widen his swing arc, his Balance and Leverage changed. His swing became erratic.

But that’s because he was trying to widen his swing arc out of order.

Widening his swing arc wasn’t a bad idea. In fact, it was a great idea. Wider swing arc  is one of the fundamental swing concepts that leads to distance.

It’s just that he was doing it in the wrong sequence, without understanding how it would affect the rest of his swing.

Balance and Leverage come first. They provide the stable foundation that allows you to get a wider swing arc.

In hindsight it seems simple. But seeing how all the elements of distance-creating swing concepts fit together and work together was like having a light bulb go on. Suddenly everything was clear.

And when you finish THE 5 KEYS TO DISTANCE you’ll have that same clarity about the swing.

You’ll know.

And the next time somebody suggests a Tip to you, you’ll know exactly how it fits into the swing and what to do about it.


In just 8 weeks Eric increased his club head speed from 118 to 140 mph!

That equates to more than 55 yards off the tee. And it gives you an extra gear when you need it. Like Eric needed in the finals at the World Championships, when he drove it 381 yards to claim the title.


There’s more.

lag golf swingEric developed custom drills to groove the five fundamental swing concepts, giving him more club head speed without sacrificing accuracy or consistency.

Those custom drills are the backbone of the training program.

It’s not going to do you any good to understand the concepts without knowing how to integrate them into your swing and practice them.

That’s another reason Tips are so frustrating. They only tell you What to do.

You need to know what to do, and then How to do it.

The program comes with a BOOK that explains each of the five distance swing concepts.

Then you get specific VIDEO DRILLS that show you how to master each part of the swing.

PLUS: You get the benefit of Eric’s years of competitive experience and his formal training in mental performance from his Masters degree in Sport Psychology.


Say goodbye to first tee jitters and folding under pressure.

Say hello to becoming a clutch golfer.

Eric Jones World Championeric-jones-2012-trophy-150x

This is the same training program Eric uses to prepare for the long drive championship every year.

And the proof is in the results – two World Long Drive Championships.

The training program is simple and easy to follow. Here’s what you get:


    • 5Keys-book-paperback-w100A complete and detailed description of the elements of distance;
    • Ball Flight Laws that ultimately determine how far you will hit the ball;
    • The five swing concepts that you need to optimize to get you maximum distance – what they are, and how they work together;
    • Detailed How-To instructions for the specific drills you’ll be using to get you that extra yardage so you’ll know exactly what to do;
    • Consistency – Detailed description and step-by-step process to create a Pre-Shot Routine that will automatically set you up for success;
    • Recovery – Detailed description and step-by-step process for the Post-Shot Routine. This is the secret weapon PGA Tour players use to keep the wheels from falling off, and a tool you should be using;
    • 5-keys-product-dvdSpecific drills chosen to help you easily and quickly master the concepts;
    • Three concept-specific drills for each swing concept;
    • Downloadable videos – you can save them to your computer and review them at your convenience;
    • Portable – download the videos to your smart phone and take them with you to the range;
    • Instant access to an interactive online training site so you can get started quickly;
    • Downloadable version of the book for instant reference;
    • Downloadable training videos you can watch or take with you;
    • PLUS … access to me! You get to ask me questions about your game and I’ll answer!
    • An ever-growing community knowledge base, where you can see what other golfers just like you are learning about how even small insights can lead to big results and solve frustrating issues.


You’ve probably spent $500.00 to $2,000.00 over the last couple of years on new equipment, trying to buy more distance. Now ask yourself this question:

Did you get two thousand dollars worth of distance?

The real question is value.

How valuable would it be for you to …
    • Reach par-5’s in two?
    • Reach those long, uphill par-4’s in regulation?
    • Make more birdies because you have a shorter irons into the green?
    • Stand on the tee with confidence?
    • Recapture the distance you may have lost and start finding more fairways?
    • Know how to adjust your swing when the wheels start to come off?
    • Experience that awesome feeling of catching a drive dead-solid on the sweet spot and watching it soar right down the middle?

You have several options to get started:

BRONZE: The $47.00 version is all-electronic. If you are on a budget but want to get started immediately, this is a great option. You can instantly download the pdf of the Book, and get all 18 training and drill videos. Everything is available right away inside the Online Training Site.

SILVER: This $67.00 option gives you everything you’d get with the Bronze package, plus you get the hard-copy of the Book and a physical DVD with all the training videos shipped to you. You can still access the pdf version of the Book and see all the videos online, so you get immediate access. If you prefer reading from a real book and like having the option to watch the videos on your computer or TV, choose the Silver package.

GOLD: This $147.00 version is the best value for golfers who are serious about improving their game. Not only does it include the hard-copy book and the same videos you’d find in the Bronze and Silver package, but you also get a whole expanded library of additional videos. 63 videos in all. The Gold version takes your training to a new level with advanced drill videos focused on the five key swing concepts. But perhaps the biggest value is the Advanced videos where you learn how to practice more effectively, how to learn faster, and how to make better use of swing training aids. You’ll learn how to get more out of a 1-hour practice session than you would in 10 hours of normal practice, using concepts developed and used by coaches and trainers of our Olympic athletes. This is the kind of training enhancement that comes right from Eric’s background in Sport Psychology.

PLATINUM: This $497.00 version of the training program has it all. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the individual 1-on-1 time with Eric. He’ll look at your swing videos and recommend a specific sequence to follow to get maximum results. Once a month for three months you’ll have a private phone or video skype conversation where you’ll  have a chance to discuss your progress and your game. Together you’ll develop a plan of attack, and Eric will follow up to make sure you are getting the results you want.


I’m so convinced that you will benefit from the information in this book that it comes with a no-risk, unconditional 60-day PERFORMANCE BASED money-back guarantee.
If you implement my techniques and do not add 20 yards to your drives, just send it back within 60 days. You’ll get a full refund. No questions asked. Simple as that.

I’m making that guarantee because this program is not about approaches or gimmicks.

It’s about the fundamentals that really matter if you want more distance.

You have nothing to lose, and lots of distance to gain.



I believe “There is a better way …”
There’s a better way for golfers to learn how to play great golf
There’s a better way for instructors to teach
There are more important skills than just mechanics that lead to better play, and you need to know about them;

Because I believe, like you do, that “good enough … isn’t

My mission is to find these better ways and share them with golfers.

How I do that is by taking complex ideas and simplifying them. Because if ideas are simple they are understandable.
And if they are understandable, they are actionable.
And it is only through action that information is turned into knowledge.
Armed with the right knowledge, you can take your game anywhere

My golf training programs are simple yet effective.
Understandable and actionable.
Results oriented.
They move you from information to knowledge to wisdom.
You achieve breakthroughs.

It’s a different kind of instruction, for a different kind of result.
Innovative Instruction. Breakthrough Results.


PS – Clicking the Add to Cart button will take you to the Options page where you’ll be able to select the program level that’s perfect for you.


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“I recently purchased your instructional videos on Long Drive. They are the best golf teaching tool I have ever found. Your explanations of what to do and why are outstanding. I am a structural engineer and have a good understanding of the physics, mechanics and dynamics of the golf swing, so your explanations are especially meaningful to me. At age 63, I am still reasonably fit and strong, and your instructional videos have increased my average distance per club by 15 to 30 yards… Thanks for excellent videos!” – Barry

Hi Eric, I wanted to send you a big thanks to your 5 Keys to Distance program. It has done two very important things with my golf. The first is that it has increased my ball flight carry by 10% in only a few weeks. And secondly and the most satisfying is it has given my whole golf game in particular my shots from scoring range (100 yards and closer to the green) pure control with my centered balance. So I can't thank you enough. Your effective balance drills I do without fall each day before I have breakfast, and will continue to be my daily routine. Without Balance The Club Can Not Swing!! Kind regards Clayton P.

“Eric, After several weeks of study and practice on the first section of BLAST. The results have been OUTSTANDING thus far… at age 73 my driver length ranged between 175 yards and 210 yards. Now with some extensive self-help training from you the distances are ranging from 220 yards to 255 yards. The 255 yd. distance was achieved after working on the BALANCE, LEVERAGE & ARC WIDTH drills…Thank you for your help. I almost resigned myself to play from the seniors tee or give up golf!” – Dick B.

"I just wanted to follow up with you regarding my progress while using your program. After just 3 months I am seeing a lot of new and exciting things happening to my golf swing. I find that I am hitting all of my clubs longer and more squarely than ever before. Every shot I hit now feels like it is hitting the sweet spot and is going very straight. My club head speed use to be about 90 mph now my club head speed is on average 110 mph. The main key for me was increasing my hip speed and reducing my grip pressure. My old swing was very arm dependent and now it feels like I can swing much faster with a lot less effort. Thank you again for your great series..." - Jorge O.

Dear Eric, Played today and hit it better than I have for some time. I have always struggled with distance. Today shot 7 over hitting it 15 - 20 yards further off the tee. One went a good 40 yards further nearly driving a short par 4. Amazing after only 2 days. Thanks for helping me understand leverage, arc and club head speed for the first time. David J.

Hi Eric, I ordered your book and DVD a few weeks ago and I'm getting a lot out of it! I'm going very slowly, but thoroughly. Thanks very much for writing it - I've read tons of golf books, but no one has ever put as much emphasis on balance and FEELING what the body is doing during the swing. The drills bypass the intellect and force the body to "get it" directly. Pete

"I received your book yesterday and have been reading it and highlighting ever since. Your book, DVD, and interviews are awesome!! Just what I have been looking for a very long time. I can tell already that I need to build up some stabilizing muscles in my body. Thanks again for your dedicated research and sharing this incredible book with your fellow golfers" - Mike P.

“Just want to tell you that I've been doing the drills for a few weeks now, up to the swing arc drills, and am noticing much improvement at the range. I can't wait to take it out to the course. Thanks for simplifying golf instruction for me!" - Rick P.

Dear Eric -- Instantly the game has become fun again. The consistency was amazing, both as to direction as well as trajectory and shot shape. Even the sound of the iron shots was much better. Thanks for an exciting round. I look forward to working through all the steps and drills. Greens in regulation are now the rule and not the exception. More distance, less effort, more accuracy, no sore muscles, more fun." - Ron G.

Eric, best investment I've made so far in all the you know whats out there. I played nine and was nailing my tee shots like I haven't seen in ages. I haven't been more encouraged ever..." - Peter S.

Eric, I have to tell you that I’m absolutely delighted with your drills.They make perfect sense to me, and I’m actually enjoying doing them because I can tell intuitively that they will make a real difference. I have for a long time avoided going to the range because I felt that I was simply reinforcing my mistakes. I am going to the range now with quite a different attitude because I’m confident that your drills will help me really improve my game. After only two sessions on the range I can see improvement already . I’m determined to keep up with the drills, and I can tell you that your presentation of them is excellent. I’ve had lots of lessons in the past from some of the best "swing gurus" in the world. But none of them have made a real difference to my swing like you have. I’m very excited now because I can already feel the difference. Thanks again for your help, and for taking the trouble to write to me. Best wishes Jeff W.

“Eric, Am doing as you say and have seen remarkable improvement in the past week. My balance, hip turn, leverage etc were out of whack. For a little old 75 yr old I hit a 300-yard drive on 16 and was over the green in two with a baffler on a par 5. Thanks” - Klaus

Eric, I’m impressed with your advice. I’ve learned much more from your program than from any of the other programs I’ve tried – and I’ve tried a lot of them. Your drills have given me insights into what’s wrong with my swing, and the means of correcting the problems I have. I’m sure I can overcome all my bad habits as I continue with the drills and concentrate on achieving better balance and leverage, and a high finish. Thanks again. Jeff W.

After the dozens of lessons I have had from accomplished PGA pros and the hundreds of hours I have spent practicing my swing I did not believe I would ever be able to overcome my obsession with the mechanics of the swing. Nor did I believe it was even possible to will myself into “the zone” and, potentially, stay there for long periods in spite of the chaos going on around me. Nor did I believe I could apply the concepts involved in the full swing to every part of my game with ease and immediate results. After reading The Five Keys to Distance, practicing your drills for a few months and taking just one lesson from you, I now know I was wrong on all counts! your methods are pure genius! JM

Eric, I am loving the course - Already seeing more distance but more importantly (to me), consistency is way up throughout the bag. Thanks! Al P

Eric, I know you promised me 20 more yards with my driver. I'm actually getting more like 30 yards and sometimes even 50 more yards. But what you didn't mention is the added distance WITH EVERY CLUB IN MY BAG! I'm hitting all my irons at least one club longer, plus I'm really compressing the ball now. It's so much fun! You should tell everyone about this "extra" benefit from your program! Gerry M.

Hi Eric, Got to tell you that I really like your encouragement and support with the specific helpful hints and reminders. My guess is that we all have a lot going on but really want to try to be very disciplined about learning and practicing, the reality is that in most cases it will not happen without your prompts and pushes. I love it and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for becoming a good friend. Paul R.

Eric: Your book and dvd have helped me correct problems with my swing which have added 20 yards to all of my clubs. I'm so impressed that I want to order another book/dvd for my grandson who is on his high school golf team. Bob C.

Dear Eric, I just had to tell you that since I bought the Five Keys to Distance (last week), and although I have only managed to work with the balance section and am still busy with it, I am soooooooo excited because I am immediately more consistent and my accuracy has improved dramatically right through from driving to putting. It is astounding and revelationary just to work with the balance concepts and drills. You are right when you say coaches don't even touch on balance. None of mine ever have! I've played four rounds and come down from 92 to 82 in those four rounds! I cant wait to see whats going to happen when I have been through all the material but am in no hurry as I wish to go through everything thoroughly and in order. I just want to thank you so much cos even if i don't get any further I have definitely got my moneys worth already! I am a 53 year old woman, mad keen on golf and play off a 13 at the moment. All I can say is this is such fun. Thank you so much, Regards, Beryl B

Hello Eric. I am blown away by these exercises. They make sense and now I realize I have been on that tip hamster wheel for a long time. I will say in the short time I have used your program I have been able to hit most greens in regulation. I am driving farther and my short game has improved greatly. I use to get on the green in 4 now I am on in two and putting for a bird. I can hardly wait to become proficient with all your exercises. Thank YOU! Jess

Eric, I am 73 years old and after watching the videos and practicing the drills a few times, today I shot my best score ever (82 which includes a triple bogey). Great!!!! Richard A

Dear Eric, Your views on “fast Hips” and working from the bottom up on the downswing are excellent. I believe the feedback these drills give you are a great education on my own swing and why I produce good and poor shots. Should save a lot of wasted time and lead to far more enjoyment of the best game in the world! Martin H.

Dear Eric, I'm really enjoying doing the drills and feel this is the programme that will surely benefit me. Your programme is indeed very scientific and helping me immensely. And what is really great is your consistent follow-up. Unlike other sites who make the sale and then are gone, then only come back when they have something new to sell. You are indeed setting the standard for excellence in teaching. Thanks a lot, Atulya S

Hello Eric I’m really enjoying your no nonsense, practical, informative videos and instruction manual. I’m showing immediate improvement in my game as I’m sure all would who follow. It’s great for those that aren’t scared to shoot low and aren’t scared to drive a monster. Rgds, Stuart

Eric, This is superb instruction. Very clear an easy to understand. I have countless books and videos on golf instruction but you are the first person to explain these principles so clearly. I have been struggling for years with hitting from the top and now after watching just a couple of videos I have very clear idea of how to finally overcome it. Thank you very much. Don

Hi Eric, thank you for your tips on how to carry lag. I just realized that I have been doing it all wrong and that is why my distance never improved even though I drink energy boosters and do extra gym work. I also realized that I have been focusing on the ball and not on the target. Again thanks for the simple and yet effective method of instruction and more power to you. Toby

Hi Eric, Thank you, after 20 years of playing Golf I’m now starting to see an overall improvement in my game, the most enjoyable part has been the much improved distance and accuracy from the tee. The whoosh drill makes sense to me and I believe this is the right path to improve my game even further, my handicap has now been reduced and looking forward to it coming down even more. Roy W.

Eric, nice job my friend. Not only is your instruction clearly presented in picture and word but also practical and I use it on the range and the course. I am working on the technique with all the clubs in the bag. Thank you for your help. Ed L.

Ahhhh… It’s finally coming together. very nice training sequence! Errol

Hi Eric. Thank you for your good advise. I am a guy from Denmark and have played golf for 10 years. I have experimented with my golf swing and have not been certain about where in the golf swing one would have to release the power. Now I will follow your instruction. Thorston

G'day mate. "GUILTY” of squaring the shoulders at impact. I have been working on leading my right elbow in my downswing working really well till it comes to impact, then I push it left or block straight out to the right. How can this be I tell myself when everything feels so good? Well now i know, I am stopping at impact and not rotating through. How bloody simple is that when it is explained by someone like yourself! Thank you mate for sharing your knowledge with us. All the best. Gary T.

I have been playing golf, for over 30 years, and this was the BEST explanation of lag and creating speed that I have ever seen! I am going to start working on these moves, right now-in my den! Thanks. Art D.

Hi Eric, I am a teaching professional in Australia, I get to watch a lot of videos on golf and it is refreshing to see yours that are simple to understand for all and correct in their nature. Communication is the most difficult thing in coaching. Keep up the good work! Terry A

Fascinating. I can see where a blocked turn would cause hindrance and a loss of distance. Oh, by the way, I got my irons (at least short irons) to work for me now. 150 yards easy for 8 iron, and that's very good for me. It's your approach to the issue that's so easy to understand. Honestly, I can glean loads of information from your presentation. Usable information. Normally I cannot do that, no matter how hard I try. Fantastic teacher! Ray B.

Eric - I have been playing golf for over 50 years,(now 75 handicap 5), had numerous lessons and read just about every golf book that has been written. I can honestly say that these video lessons describe what the ideal golf swing should accomplish and how to perform it. My oh my,…. if only this instruction had been available when I started to play! This is seriously the best instruction ever, I actually perform these moves after all the years of experiment, readers now have it in a package without having to go through all the frustration of knowing how to do it. Peter B.

Eric, You have an uncanny ability to break down the components of the golf swing into simple terms with great clarity. I gain additional insight each time I read your book “5 Keys to Distance” and review this video. Thank you soooo much. Orson L.