Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide

The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide

On this page you’ll find

  • My review of Mike’s Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide;
  • A Podcast interview with Mike on golf fitness;
  • Links to videos of Mike working with me on the range and in the gym.

Under the podcast is my review of his ebook THE ULTIMATE GOLF FITNESS GUIDE, which I own and use as part of my golf fitness regimen. If you are looking for some help with your golf fitness, you can purchase your own copy of his book by clicking on any of the book images or links in the text.

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[/font][font alignment=”left”]Here is a short 9-minute podcast where I interviewed golf fitness expert Mike Pedersen and asked some specific questions about golf fitness and his training program THE ULTIMATE GOLF FITNESS GUIDE:

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More Free Training Videos PART 2:
Eric and Mike “On The Range” and “In The Gym
A Great Golf Stretch, and Mike’s Leverage Position


pedersen-leverage-knee-3Mike gave me a good workout in the gym.

Here he is showing me a couple of great stretches for golfers.

The first stretch really helps to create width in the backswing – one of the keys to distance.

The second stretch helps to open up the shoulder, which is a key to keeping the club on plane at the top.

Click the images or the link to watch the videos.

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Free Training Videos Part 1:
Eric and Mike “On The Range” and “In The Gym

mike-pedersen-eric-jones-gym1eric-mike-on-rangeI spent some one-on-one time with Mike where he helped me in the gym with my fitness and I helped him on the range with with his golf game. We filmed the whole thing and it was a lot of fun. I learned about core strength and Mike learned about Athletic Balance. Click on the images to watch the fitness and golf lesson videos on a new page.

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I’ve had many requests for golf-related fitness information, so I’m passing along my review of a golf-specific exercise book you’ll find helpful. My review is a bit long, so bear with me, but I think you deserve to know as much as possible before you purchase anything I recommend. I own the book and use exercised from it as part of my regular exercise routine.

The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is written by Mike Pedersen, an exercise specialist with a degree in Exercise Physiology and a specialist in sports biomechanics. He also happens to be a golf fanatic. He has been specifically focused on golf and exercises for golfers for more than 20 years.

Mike Pedersen's Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide

Click image to Order

Mike has taken all his formal physiology, kinesiology, and biomechanics training .. put it together with his real-world experience with thousands of every day golfers .. and developed a nicely detailed golf-specific exercise book.

What’s nice is that the exercises in his book involve the whole body – not just specific muscle groups – because that is what is required in the golf swing.

What’s also nice is that Mike is one of those guys to “gets it” that we don’t all have the ability to carve an hour a day out of our schedule to get to the gym. So he has all these exercises that you can do in 10 to 15 minute breaks, any time of the day and any place – even the office.

Another thing I like about Mike’s book is that you don’t need all the equipment in a gym to do the exercises. I’m all for saving a buck here and there, and Mike is pretty handy about suggesting common items to use to help with some of the movements and exercises. That’s part of what makes this book so easy to use.

The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide is an electronic book, so you can download it instantly and start learning how to get in better golf-specific shape. It costs less than $50 bucks.

Here are some of the things I particularly liked about The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide:

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  • It was developed by a golfer, for golfers (That’s exactly what I was looking for as the rehab from my shoulder surgery progressed and I wanted to expand my training, but couldn’t find golf-specific exactly what I was looking for as the rehab from my shoulder surgery progressed and I wanted to expand my training, but couldn’t find golf-specific exercises and routines.)
  • Because the program is golf-focused, the exercises are treated holistically. It’s not just weight training or flexibility training. It is an integrated approach to golf fitness. In my opinion this is a more intelligent approach to golf-specific fitness.
  • The workouts are structured to fit into anybody’s schedule. There are exercises you can do throughout the day in 10-15 minute chunks, or you can structure one complete workout.
  • If you are on a budget, you’ll love this book. You don’t need a gym or expensive equipment. All the exercises use low-budget , high impact, high return gear you can get inexpensively. I have the tubes – which go with me when I travel – as well as the pilates ball.
  • There are plenty of photographs accompanying each exercise.


Here are some of the things you will learn in The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide:

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  • Why weight training alone, or stretching alone, is not as good as combining the two. You should do both. The book will explain why and the benefits.
  • Why combining weight training with lots of rotational elements will “kill two birds at once” by strengthening your core at the same time.
  • How to create short workout schedules that work for you.
  • Why you need to strengthen your core in 3 planes – Frontal, transverse, and sagittal (if you don’t know what these are, read the book!).
  • Why the more you can put your body through the same movement as your golf swing, with resistance (weight), the more beneficial your workout will be for your golf game (these are my favorite exercises).
  • The two types of stretching (dynamic and static), and which one is better for your game (and why).
  • What to do in the middle of the round to avoid fatigue and maintain flexibility to finish on a strong note.


The one thing I wished he had in this book was a series of suggested workout plans. There are plenty of exercises in the book, and the pictures do a great job of showing what to do and when. But you are left on your own to figure out how to create an exercise program specific to your needs. I’d love to see a couple of “sample” workout sessions, particularly ones designed for specific areas of the body – whether that be flexibility or strength. For instance, if I had a lower-back issue, or no hip flexibility, or hamstring tightness, it would be nice to have sample plans to address those needs. But with a little thought I’m sure you can figure out what to do for your specific needs.

All in all, I recommend you pick up your own copy of the Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide. I used it to select specific training exercises, and I’ve referred to it at least a half dozen times since then to update my routine and search for new exercises whenever I feel like a change or want to emphasize different muscles. CLICK HERE to go to Mike’s description and order page. I hope you’ll put The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide in your library and use it to get serious about staying in great golf shape so you can play the rest of your life.

PS: Mike also has an inventory of low-cost golf exercise equipment on his site. Click the link to check it out.