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If all this stuff sounds excessively legalistic, I’m sorry. I have to say it to abide within the law. Even though I think the products are absolutely fantastic, and even though the feedback from owners is terrific, and as thrilled as I am that you are either buying the products or representing them to other golfers, there are still a boat load of legal disclaimers I have to make. So hang in there. I think it’s amazing you are reading this at all. You probably have bookmarks in your rules of golf book.


Any and all claims, representations, or warranties made herein or on the website are to be considered exceptional results from skilled individuals who actually use the products and information, and not the average result of anyone who buys the products or services – particularly those who buy the products but do not read, watch, listen or apply the information, or who only partially follow directions.

The contents of the website and products are for entertainment purposes only. Although I have made every attempt to be as accurate as possible, and am solely responsibility for errors or omissions, I assume no liability for damages that may result from errors or omissions. In the event that examples or case studies are given they should be considered as for illustrative purposes only and not to be construed as professional, legal, or physical health advice. I am not a health physician, attorney, psychologist, nutritionist, therapist, or certified trainer, so if you feel you need advice in these or other areas you should seek the counsel of individuals qualified to provide such advice.

Nothing in this document or website should be construed as any guarantee of results, particularly as it applies to businesses or professionals who achieve profits or losses through activities discussed herein or on the website. In fact, while the testimonials on the website were provided without compensation, and while I believe the experiences related are true, the claims have not been independently verified, photographs and videos have not been authenticated, and no attempts have been made to further determine the experiences of the individuals after their testimonials were provided.

The information, techniques, methodologies, opinions, examples, content, and data found in and related products are for informational and entertainment purposes only, and is provided with any warranty of any kind.

Disclaimer of Warranty

Neither Eric Jones,,,, the PGA of America, nor any other associated company, advertisers or licensors make any representations or warranties about the site or products associated with the site. All information and products are provided on an “as is” basis without any warranty of any kind. No warranties are made with respect to the information, products, or content received as to their accuracy or reliability; to the availability of the site or products or their availability at any particular time or location; that errors, omissions, or defects will be corrected; or that the site or content derived from the site is free of malicious software or viruses or other harmful components. Your use of the site and the products is solely at your own risk.

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Legal Compliance

I or my agents may immediately or otherwise terminate or suspend this Agreement or your use of the site and/or contents upon notification which alleges you have used the site or products for any purposes which violate any local, state or federal laws. This includes any activities that may violate third-party rights, be obscene, hateful or pornographic; defame, harass, or assault others or their rights, violate hacking or other criminal regulations. I basically reserve my right to cancel your membership and/or participation on the site or with the products at my sole discretion at any time, for any reason.

Claims and Representations

I have made every effort to represent the information, products, and services as accurately as possible. There are no guarantees that you will achieve the results depicted nor earn the revenue represented herein or on the site. Earnings potential and performance attainment are entirely dependent upon the individual using the information, products, programs, and ideas. Your particular success in attaining results claimed on the site or products is dependent upon your own skills, knowledge, finances, and the time you dedicate to the programs. Some of the information and statements on the site may contain statements that are forward-looking within the meaning of the securities litigation reform act of 1995. Forward-looking statements contain words such as “estimate, project, plan, anticipate, believe” and other words and terms with similar meaning and do not necessarily relate to historical or current facts or situations, particularly with respect to financial performance and/or earnings potential. I cannot guarantee your results nor your income, nor can I be held responsible for any of your own actions.

Affiliate Relationships, Commissions and Referral Fees We May Earn


Target Centered Golf only recommends products that we’ve either personally checked out ourselves, or that we believe will help your golf game and that come from people we know and trust. For doing so, we sometimes receive referral fees or affiliate compensation. For safety’s sake you should always assume our links include such an affiliate relationship. If you are opposed to using affiliate links please do not click on the product links on this site. On the other hand, the revenue we may receive when you purchase a product through our links helps support the site and our ability to continue to deliver great golf content to you, so we really appreciate when you do use our links. It doesn’t affect the cost of products, and often we are able to negotiate a discount on your behalf.

Health Disclaimer

Nothing in this e-mail should be considered personalized Golf and/or Fitness advice. Though we may answer your general customer service questions, we are not licensed health care and/or fitness professionals. You should ALWAYS check with your doctor and/or health care professional prior to any change in your physical fitness or golf fitness routine.

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