Strategic Golf – Game Management

Enjoy Section 2: Game Management of my forthcoming book Strategic Golf: The Three Keys to Scoring; How To Play Better Golf and Shoot Lower Scores (even if you don’t have time to practice).

Learn how Game Management and Course Navigation work together to help you plan an effective strategy for the golf course, for each hole, and each shot.

Strategic Golf: Game Management (Section 2)

Strategic Golf: Game Management (Section 2)

Strategic Golf: The 3 Keys To Scoring Section 2: Game Management

Please come back and leave a comment about Game Management or Course Navigation to share with your fellow golfers. How did Strategic Golf help your game? How will you use the information the next time you play? Did it help you look at the golf course or a hole in a different way? Did it help you score better? How many strokes?

See you down the fairway!

Eric Jones, MA, PGA

World Long Drive Champion