Get 20 Yards 4: Train For Distance

Get 20 Yards 4:

How To Train For Distance

If you want to achieve a specific goal – let’s say adding 20 to 30 more yards to your drives – the best way to accomplish that is to have a system designed specifically to help you optimize the ball flight laws of center contact and angle of approach, and particularly to generate more club head speed through impact. In this video I’m going to share with you what a system like that would look like and 5 Key elements of the swing to focus on to get more distance and more consistency.

You can do it, because speed is a skill. It can be learned and the motion can be grooved.

You can develop speed quickly. In fact, you can do it right away – in one or two swings – once you know what to do.

The trick is to make it stick.

I only had six weeks between the Regionals and the World Championships my first year in long drive. But I added 20 mph to my swing and I hit it 381 yards. I don’t know that I’d ever hit a ball 381 yards before. The following year at a long drive Tour event I hit one 435 yards. So what I’m saying is … not only can you make distance stick, you can keep getting better!

If you know what to do!

I’ve been teaching What to do, and the concepts of distance for so long to so many students that I decided to put it all down into a system. So I’ve written a book and filmed a DVD that explains exactly what you need to focus on – the 5 Key Concepts – to get more distance. And I’ve created a step-by-step blueprint that you can use to make the program effective for you.

I’m going to give you 5 Key concepts, and an acronym that will help you remember them. The acronym is BLAST. BLAST stands for:

  • Balance
  • Leverage
  • Arc
  • Speed
  • Target.

Now here’s the thing I’ve observed with my golf students when I teach them how to improve in these areas: Mastering just one or two of these concepts easily gets them 10 to 20 more yards. When they start putting together all 5 concepts they start adding 40 … 50 … 60 more yards to their drives. And all their other clubs start going farther too.

The other thing … and I hear this all the time … is the comment that goes something like “Wow! When I do it right it feels easy. It feels natural.”

That’s because these key elements are CONCEPTS. Not a methodology. And this system or program for adding distance is based on the very latest advancements in skill acquisition and training techniques used by our Olympic athletes. Having a practice methodology and a series of steps is the most efficient way to help you master the concepts, and to add more distance to your game.

But the reason I hear this comment so often is that once you understand the concepts … You will find the way that makes them work best for You. Your unique physiology. Your unique swing. Your quirks and idiosyncrasies. Here’s what I mean:

BALANCE, the B of BLAST, is a concept. Not a methodology. The way you find your balance will be unique to you.

Balance is one of the key elements of distance because it’s so foundational. To maximize your club head speed you need to make your most athletic movement you can. To make an athletic movement, you need to be balanced. To make Your most athletic movement you don’t need to be in just any kind of balance. You need to be in Athletic Balance.

In the 5 keys to distance program you’ll learn exactly what Athletic balance is, and how you can easily create it in your set up and address position, and why it’ll help you generate more speed AND consistency.

Leverage is what allows you to bring maximum force to the impact zone. you’ll learn exactly what leverage is AND your two leverage points – your right foot and your upper left arm. Using leverage effectively is like adding high-octane to the fuel line: it allows you to bring a lot more bang to the ball, turbo-charging your engine for more speed.

Arc width will help you improve your angle of attack so you can hit drives with that parabolic flight that optimizes your carry in the air and your roll-out when the ball lands. It will also help you generate more speed naturally because your club head will be farther away from your rotation point, and if you generate more arc width the right way you’ll find it easier to engage your core.

Because Speed comes from the core – your hips, shoulders, and torso. Your core is like the engine of a car. The faster you get the engine running the faster your car will go. When you have balance, leverage, and a wider arc working the right way you’ll be amazed at how much easier it will be to get more distance in a way that not only feels effortless, but produces far more consistent results.

You’ll also see how adopting a target focus will keep your core accelerating through impact in a way that allows you to naturally hold your lag longer AND release better to your target. It’s how you’re going to get more distance AND consistency.

These concepts are the 5 Keys parts of the swing that produce distance, and I’ve put them together into distance improvement program called … The 5 Keys to Distance.

The 5 keys to Distance program is a comprehensive book that fits in your golf bag…with drills, many, illustrations and, of course, the actual DVD that demonstrates the swing concepts and the drills. I’ve even got some bonus material for you, too.
In the Program I’ll walk you through all 5 of the key parts of the swing that will get you more distance. I’ll show you how they occur in the natural order of your swing: from Setup to Backswing to Downswing to Impact Position to your Finish. I’ll give you an easy way to remember and Use the 5 Keys.

But just as importantly – perhaps MORE importantly – I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, the smartest way for you to practice, integrate, and groove the Keys into your swing. also walk you through how to practice, how to integrate and groove the drills into your swing…how to create a reliable pre-and post shot routine and why those are critical… and how to take everything you’ve learned to the course (believe it or not, there is a system for that as well).

I cover it all… from soup to nuts. This program is what I used to win a world long drive championship…And it’s what I still use to compete…and what continue to use to help my own students. I wouldn’t dream of using anything different… because it’s a program that works. I’m living proof… my students are living proof.

Thanks Tom. Great letter. Not everybody gets results like Tom, but imagine if it worked for you ……

The 5 Keys To Distance Training Program