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Dear Golfer,

Last October I accomplished a goal I wasn’t sure I’d ever reach: winning a second World Long Drive Championship title. The 5 Keys to Distance training program got me there. There’s no question in my mind that it works. The results say it all.

But will it work for you?

If I were in your shoes I’d ask the same question.

I have hundreds and hundreds of testimonials from happy golfers of all abilities who have achieved remarkable results using this training program.

But perhaps my own story of how it helped me win the 2012 Championship will help you decide. I hope so, because it’s my mission as a PGA teaching pro to get the very best instruction in front of as many golfers as possible.

Here’s how the dramatic final match played out: I got on the board first and ran the early lead up to 358 yards. Hitting into a slight breeze that looked like a good number until my opponent Mike Barbarossa hit his third ball 366 yards to take the lead away. I couldn’t pass him on my 4th and 5th drives, despite hitting great shots right down the middle.

So it came down to the 6th and final drive. We each had one ball left and I was still in second place. The tension was intense. The crowd was cheering and the cameras were rolling. It was do or die. I got ready to hit …

How do you reach back for something extra and make your swing work for you instead of against you?

What do you think about and where do you focus your attention when the pressure is on?

How do you come through with the clutch shot when you absolutely have to?

How do you trust your swing, and know that you’ve done everything you can to prepare for the moment?

Where does that extra yardage come from when you need it?

You’ve been playing golf long enough to know that if there was one simple answer, we’d already know it and you’d already be doing it.

I had to boil the solution down to a few critical elements and a straightforward training program. I had no choice.

As an average-sized guy (just under 6 feet, 195 lbs) almost everybody in long drive is bigger and stronger. I’m the underdog every time I step on the tee.

Just to get to the finals I had to battle through an incredibly deep field that featured six world champions – four of whom were Hall-of-Famers – representing a total of 14 past championships.

On top of that, less than 2 years ago I had rotator cuff surgery. When I started rehab my left shoulder was so weak I couldn’t lift my hand above my chest. I have the same age-related aches and pains every golfer gets when they reach the sunny side of 50.

But I believe in working hard and in working smart. I want to help you do the same.

When it came down to crunch time, there were three key factors that made the difference and propelled me to the title:

1. Preparing correctly (taking myself through my own 5-part training program)

2. A bullet-proof Pre-Shot Routine (outlined in detail in the book)

3. Maintaining a Target focus (the fifth technique covered in the program)

As I stood on the tee getting ready to hit my final drive I knew it would be tough. I knew I had to hit my best shot. But I also knew I could do it.

That confidence came from The 5 Keys To Distance.

I don’t mind giving credit to the program. That’s because it works. If it didn’t, I’d never have been standing on that tee, in the finals, with a chance to win it all.

I also don’t mind telling you that if you are at all concerned with your distance or your consistency you should get the program. That’s because I know it will help.

By preparing correctly – working through the five fundamentals of balance, leverage, swing arc, core speed, and target focus – you don’t have to think about mechanics on the tee.

By developing a consistent pre-shot routine you’ll know you’ve put yourself in the best possible position for success, and that will give you confidence.

By knowing what to focus on – the target – you can keep your thoughts simple, allowing your body to move freely without tension, which is when your best shots happen.

And those were my three keys as I approached that final shot.

I reminded myself to lock into my target, rely on my pre-shot routine, and trust all the work I put into preparing for that moment.

I honestly don’t remember much about the swing except hitting it well. When the number came back the crowd let out a roar. 369 yards! I had passed Mike by 3 yards.

That proved to be the winning margin, and it was a moment I’ll never forget.

You can watch the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship on ESPN.

And even though this is the story of one championship, it’s really the story of every golfer faced with a difficult shot or challenging moment – something that comes up every time we play.

What I want is for you to come to that moment prepared and confident.

I’d like you to be successful in a way that satisfies the deep need we all have to be the hero of our own story.

To come through in the clutch.

To hit the shot that counts when it matters.

To be The Man. Even if nobody else sees the shot, it doesn’t matter, because deep inside – you will know.

You can get distance. Hit fairways. Be consistent. Handle pressure. All the information you need to know to be successful is in the 5 Keys to Distance program.

How To Get The Same Training Program I Use

The keys to success are the five swing fundamentals that contribute to distance and the drills designed to ingrain them in your swing.

The program includes a comprehensive book describing each of the five fundamental swing elements, and a series of three specific drills for each swing concept. These are the same concepts and training drills I use to prepare.

But I’ve added some bonuses to make it easier for you. Like:

– an Online Training Site, with all the same information in the book plus an interactive community site;

– videos you can download to a smart phone so you can take the drills with you to the range;

– An exclusive interview with a mental skills guru who works with PGA Tour players;

– A bonus “ScoreTracker” spreadsheet to help you collect and analyze stats on your game.

All these bonuses take the program up to a whole new level and make it a great value.

To get started, just use the “Add to Cart” button below.


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The 5 Keys To Distance program is the first truly comprehensive golf training course that focuses on the elements of distance in your golf swing. This is not a collection of tips. Written by a PGA professional and World Long Drive Champion, the program is a methodical, step-by-step blueprint for improving your distance and your ball-striking.

The course is delivered in six modules, with tightly focused concepts and specific drills (see Module tabs below). Combining a written book and 18 videos with an Online training site, it’s the perfect way to achieve a deep level understanding of the concepts of distance plus see and learn how to put them into action. That means you’ll be able to get the distance you want, in a way that fits your unique swing, all in the natural progression of the golf swing.

With new and improved videos and even more training drills, the program has helped thousands of golfers achieve breakthrough results – with the driver, and with every club in their bag.


When you put the right information together with a customized action plan you have the formula for success.

• There are only three ways to improve your distance. We call these the Ball Flight Laws. You can:
-> Increase your Club Head Speed
-> Improve your Center Contact
-> Optimize your Angle of Attack

• The question, then, is “What parts of the golf swing optimize the Ball Flight Laws?”

• Answering the driver distance question is the core focus of the program, addressing these five swing concepts:
* Athletic Balance
* Leverage
* Wider Swing Arc
* Faster Core Speed
* Target Focus

You’ll learn exactly which parts of the golf swing produce distance, and why having the right training program is critical for your success.



What you get in the 5 keys to distance course

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A complete and detailed description of the Ball Flight Laws that ultimately determine how far you will hit the ball, and the five swing concepts that you need to optimize to get you maximum distance. You also get detailed How-To instructions for the specific drills you’ll be using to get you that extra yardage – the exact same training drills I used to add 80 yards to my drives.[/symple_column][symple_column size=”one-third” position=”last” fade_in=”false”]

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All the swing concepts and all the drills come in one DVD. You’ll get a complete overview of the swing, as well as Step-By-Step instructions for each drill, chosen specifically to accelerate your mastery of the distance concepts. There are more than 17 hand-selected videos of each drill so you’ll know exactly how to practice on the range.[/symple_column]
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Instant access to an interactive online training site with a downloadable version of the book as well as all the training videos. You can be working on your distance in less than 10 minutes! * PLUS* access to me! You get to ask me questions about your game and I’ll answer! We’re constantly updating the ever-growing community knowledge base, where you can see what other golfers just like you are learning about how even small insights can lead to big results and solve frustrating issues.[/symple_column][symple_column size=”one-third” position=”last” fade_in=”false”]

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There are 5 training modules plus the Welcome section with an overview of each BLAST swing concept. Each module has an intro, core concept video, and drills. Click any tab below to see more detail. [symple_toggle title=”WELCOME” state=”closed”]

I. Get Started Welcome Video

* See how the course is organized, how to navigate around the site, find what you want, and get off to a fast start

II. Lesson 1: BLAST Core Distance Concepts

* A look at all the elements of the swing that contribute to distance
– in the natural order of your swing.


* Download the pdf of the book and start working on your distance in less than 5 minutes!

* Exclusive interviews with top golf Gurus
* Free ScoreTracker game and stat analysis software


* Help when you need it
* Answers to your most common questions


“I recently purchased your instructional videos on Long Drive. They are the best golf teaching tool I have ever found. Your explanations of what to do and why are outstanding. I am a structural engineer and have a good understanding of the physics, mechanics and dynamics of the golf swing, so your explanations are especially meaningful to me.” Barry S, Marin, CA[/symple_toggle][symple_toggle title=”BALANCE” state=”open”]

BALANCE: The Foundation of Distance and Consistency

I. Lesson 1: Intro to Athletic Balance

* Learn one simple move to set up in Athletic Balance,
and why your current set-up is causing so many issues
with your consistency, distance, and accuracy

II. Lesson 2: Core Athletic Balance Principles

* Why Balance is like the foundation of your house:
The more solid your foundation, the more solid your swing

* How Balance affects both speed and consistency,
and what to do to maximize both

III. Balance Drills Videos

* A series of three drills specifically chosen to help you
understand and master Athletic Balance
so you can make a repeatable swing

* A pre-swing drill,
* an in-swing drill,
* and a finish-position drill will help you understand
how balance affects your swing each step of the way


“After working on the balance portion of your videos something incredible happened. I just got my first Albatross on a 475 yard par 5. Driver, 5 wood into the cup for a 2! The next time I played the same hole I birdied and the next time I eagled. So it only took 9 shots to play that par 5 three times. I am now registered on the official Double Eagle Club. Balance is a KEY for me!” Larry C, Charlotte, NC  [/symple_toggle][symple_toggle title=”LEVERAGE” state=”closed”]

LEVERAGE: The Source of Effortless Power

I. Lesson 1: Intro to Leverage

* See the principles of leverage in the golf swing,
and how Leverage adds effortless power to your drives

II. Lesson 2: Leverage Core Principles

* Your two leverage points, and how to use them
to add oomph to every club in your bag

* The nature of power lines and weight stacking,
and why they create the feeling of effortless power

* The Power-X: the key to making aggressive but controlled shots
with accuracy and consistency, with every club

III. Leverage Drills

* Footwork: Why your best swings start from the ground up,
and how your footwork helps

* Core Power: Why engaging the big muscles of your body
gives you both power and feel

* Timing: How using leverage correctly improves your timing,
which means more consistency and greater accuracy


“Love the program! The Leverage drills have made a major league impact in my distance. I’ve always felt that my weight transfer was not what it should be and your program put me in the right direction. Eric, best investment I’ve made so far in all the you-know-what’s out there. I played nine today and was nailing my tee shots like I haven’t seen in ages. I haven’t been more encouraged ever.” Peter S. Portland, OR [/symple_toggle][symple_toggle title=”ARC” state=”closed”]

SWING ARC: Making the Laws of Physics Work For You

I. Lesson 1: Intro to Swing Arc video

* Wide swings vs. Narrow swings: Why wider swings produce
the optimal launch trajectory and ball spin rates you need
for more distance

II. Lesson 2: Swing Arc Core Principles video

* How to get the “one piece” take away you’ve been looking for
* Why wider swings help you maintain lag longer
and help you get a full release through impact

* How to improve your angle of attack
to get more carry distance and a better roll-out

III. ARC Drills
* Take-away: Why a better start to your swing
means a better finish and more consistent results

* Rotation: How to make a bigger turn with less effort

* Swing Plane: How to keep your club on plane
and hit straighter shots more consistently


“After reading your book and going through the drills I finally understand the difference between narrow vs. wide swings. Your explanations are so clear and understandable! Now I know why I was losing so much distance and couldn’t get the ball in the air. After two sessions on the range doing your arc drills I’ve picked up 50 yards, and there’s even more in this old horse. Can’t thank you enough.” Don W, Buena Vista, FL.  [/symple_toggle][symple_toggle title=”SPEED” state=”closed”]

SPEED: Your Core is the Engine of Your Swing

I. Lesson 1: Intro to Core Speed

* How to use your core rotation to maximize club head speed
with a swing that is fast instead of hard

II. Lesson 2: SPEED Core Principles video

* Why your core is like the engine in your car
– get the engine moving faster, and everything else comes with it

* Why you need to think Faster, not Harder, if you want more distance

* How keeping your hips and shoulders connected during rotation will
straighten out slices and hooks


* Weight Shift: Understanding where your weight should be
during the swing produces greater speed
and more consistency

* Feel: If your core is generating speed, your hands and arms
can have feel and your accuracy improves

* Rotation: Why you need to rotate through impact
instead of stopping at the ball
if you want to hold lag and improve your release


“Wow! My hips are getting out of the way like they used to when I was in my 20’s and 30’s. It’s like magic. I haven’t had the courage to try to replicate my old swing, but because of your program my swing is a lot smoother and I am not afraid of straining my low back because everything is going through the hitting zone together, in total sync. This is it … my “lost distance” has been found!” Troy H, Scottsdale, AZ [/symple_toggle][symple_toggle title=”TARGET” state=”closed”]

TARGET: The Ultimate Key to Performance

I. Lesson 1: Intro to Target Focus

* What it means to accelerate Through the ball instead of To the ball,
and why it is critical for distance and accuracy

II. Lesson 2: TARGET Core Principles video

* Why tension is killing your distance without you even knowing it,
and what to do about it

* How to switch from Ball Focus to Target Focus
to improve distance and accuracy

* How to allow the athlete inside you to shine through more often,
with better results


* Impact Position: How to get your body in the correct impact position
to maximize club head speed

* Target Extension: Why extending to the target helps with distance
and cuts down the side-spin that causes that nasty slice

* Tension: How to “let go” and still be aggressive
to create shots that feel powerful yet free.


“My teaching pro was always after me to “finish the swing” but I rarely did it correctly. Now, after less than a week and doing your drills diligently, my swing’s finish finally looks like a finish should. Thank you for creating this teaching series, because in a very short order you have transformed my game. I really like your teaching style, as well. Thank you for convincing me to purchase your program. I usually do not buy instruction dvd’s but made an exception in your case. I’m damn glad I did!” Dean B, Highland Park, IL  [/symple_toggle][symple_toggle title=”ADVANCED (GOLD)” state=”closed”]

ADVANCED: For GOLD Customers

The GOLD program gives you access to everything in the Silver training, as well as dozens of additional drills under each BLAST module, as well as this Advanced Training module. These lessons are invaluable if you are serious about improving your game. They are true “gold.” In the Advanced module you’ll learn how to super-charge your practice sessions, techniques to improve faster, and ways you can use the physics of distance to diagnose and treat swing issues.

I. Lesson 1: The Learning Process

Balanced Solution* When you know how to incorporate feedback into your training sessions you’ll improve faster, on purpose.

II. Lesson 2: Effective Practice

* There’s practice, then there’s effective practice. Stop beating balls on the range and learn how to get the most out of every shot. Change your swing faster and improve your results dramatically.

III. Lesson 3: Ball Flight Laws

5keys-bonus-albaugh-2* When you know how to interpret your ball flight you’ll know exactly where you may have an issue. Is it your swing path? Your Angle of Attack? Center contact? Club head speed?

III. Lesson 4: Physics of Distance

The three things that matter most when it comes to distance – with your driver and every other club in your bag – are Angle of Attack, Center Contact, and Club Head Speed. These videos will help you focus your training to get maximum results. Faster and easier than you thought possible.


The ‘skipping the stone’ thought or picture clarified for me the methodology of knowing how to reach a practice drill goal and when the action series becomes congruent with the original thought picture! By suggesting I use a process that I already know how to do makes my practice of a ‘new’ drill easier for me to do. “Skip the stone” may have just solved the biggest problem in my golf swing! Very useful analogy!  Ken F, Utah  [/symple_toggle][/symple_box]

Enroll Now in the 5 Keys To Distance

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I believe “There is a better way …”
There’s a better way for golfers to learn how to play great golf
There’s a better way for instructors to teach
There are more important skills than just mechanics that lead to better play, and you need to know about them;

Because I believe, like you do, that “good enough … isn’t

My mission is to find these better ways and share them with golfers.

How I do that is by taking complex ideas and simplifying them. Because if ideas are simple they are understandable.
And if they are understandable, they are actionable.
And it is only through action that information is turned into knowledge.
Armed with the right knowledge, you can take your game anywhere

My golf training programs are simple yet effective.
Understandable and actionable.
Results oriented.
They move you from information to knowledge to wisdom.
You achieve breakthroughs.

It’s a different kind of instruction, for a different kind of result.
Innovative Instruction. Breakthrough Results.


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In the chart below you’ll find several different program options. One is sure to be right for you.

But more important than the cost of the program is the value you receive.

What is it worth to have more fun playing the game you love?

You spend hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars on greens fees, range balls, lessons, and golf clubs. When you recapture the distance you may have lost and start finding more fairways, giving you shorter irons into the green, you’ll be thanking yourself for a long time to come.


I’m so convinced that you will benefit from the information in this book that it comes with a no-risk, unconditional 60-day PERFORMANCE BASED money-back guarantee. If you implement my techniques and do not add 20 yards to your drives, just send it back within 60 days. You’ll get a full refund. No questions asked. Simple as that.

I’m making that guarantee because this program is not about approaches or gimmicks. It’s about the fundamentals that really matter if you want more distance. You have nothing to lose, and lots of distance to gain.

You’ll know what I mean as soon as you try it.

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Eric Jones, PGA
Masters in Sport Psychology
2003 & 2012 World Long Drive Champion
2014 NCPGA Teacher of the Year

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What you get in the 5 keys to distance course


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SILVER: Select Silver if you prefer the hard-copy book and DVD. You’ll also have access to everything in the online training portal.
GOLD: Select Gold if you love drills and spending time on the range. The Gold has everything you get with Silver, as well as 62 additional videos, plus the Advanced module that will show you how to super-charge your training sessions.[/symple_box]

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