Journey to the Worlds – Let Hip Alignment

I’m staying with my low energy swings to protect my shoulder and make sure it doesn’t get any worse.

That means it is a good time to work on fundamentals.

As I was practicing the other day I kept trying to understand why it felt difficult to make my normal turn.

What I discovered was that I had fallen into an old habit which caused my hips to be aligned to the left at address. Whenever that happens I tend to fade the ball more, and my back swing feels restricted.

I probably wouldn’t have discovered it if I were not practicing at slow speeds. That’s one of the benefits of slowing down from time to time to pay attention to what is happening in your swing. It certainly helped me.

In this video I show how I used some common construction stuff like pvc pipe and a 4-way junction to create a stance, alignment, and ball position guide. Total cost of materials less than $5 bucks. (You don’t have to pay an arm and leg for swing aids!).

With this set up I was able to see that my hips were open. When I used it during my full routine I could easily make sure that my hips were square.

The result was a much more fluid and complete back swing and a wider arc. Just what I had been looking for!

The lesson for me is that sometimes you have to slow down to go fast!