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The best way to know what to prioritize in your game (and I mean REALLY know) is to keep some stats.

I created the ScoreTracker spreadsheet for my own use, and I’ve been keeping and analyzing my stats for years. It’s simple enough so that I can mark my stats in seconds while I play without being a distraction. Yet the results are sophisticated enough to provide some excellent insights into my game.

Watch this short video where I walk through an analysis of my own game, using results from a real professional tournament. Take a look to see it in action.

Then, to get your own copy, just put your name and email in the form, and I’ll send you the download instructions.

Be sure to download both the Excel spreadsheet and the instructions, and don’t forget to save them to your computer when the download is complete.

See you down the fairway!

Eric Jones
PGA Professional
Masters in Sport Psychology
World Long Drive Champion