Shawn Humphries – Top 100 Teacher

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  • A Podcast interview with Shawn Humphries;
  • Links to FREE resources from Shawn (ebook and weekly video newsletter).

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With Top 100 Golf Instructor
Shawn Humphries

[/font][font alignment=”left”]Shawn has worked with PGA Tour stars like Brandt Jobe and David Hearn, as well as celebrities like Emmit Smith, Bill Parcells, and Tony Romo. He is the Director of Instruction at Cowboys Golf Club in Dallas, Tx. Listen to the podcast below to get Shawn’s insights on the game. [/font]

Download the file and listen on your phone (it’s a big file – 37 megs). Right click Humphries Interview, select “save link as”
The interview covers …[list style=”green-check-8″]

  • Two common swing issues, and what to do about them
  • How Parents can help junior golfers
  • How Junior golfers can get the attention of college coaches
  • How older golfers can address the loss of distance and accuracy
  • How to practice effectively
  • The basics of a great Pre-Shot Routine
  • A secret tip to help in pressure situations that works like magic!


When you’ve had a chance to listen, please post your thoughts and question in the comment box at the bottom of the page. I may even be able to get Shawn to answer your golf questions!


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FREE Resources from Shawn

Click the image or the link to get your free copy of “Fix Your Swing” by Shawn Humphries.

FYS-EbookIn the book  you’ll find advice as well as pictures to:

  • Fix Your Slice
  • Fix a Hook
  • Hit More Fairways
  • Fix Your Setup
  • Fix Your Impact
  • Fix Your Fat Shots
  • Fix Your Thin Shots

Although this is the “lite” version, you’ll find a variety of practical tips for curing common swing issues.

FYS-Slice-Back-of-Left-HandFYS-Slice-Too-SteepEach tip includes a brief description and is accompanied with images that help explain the concepts.

It’s a quick read, and sometimes that’s all you need.

If you want to go deeper there are links at the end of the ebook that will take you to a page where you can get the full ebook as well as training videos that go along with it (note – there may be a cost for the expanded version and videos).


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More FREE Resources from Shawn:


Humpday Email NewsletterShawn’s been producing a weekly video tip for years, and it’s been very popular with his students.

As a Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher he is also the largest contributor to Golf Magazine’s Tip archive.

But you don’t have to wait for your issue of Golf Magazine. You can get Shawn’s videos emailed to you every week. Just click on the image or this link to Hump Day Tips and put in your name and email.

Shawn’s weekly videos cover the whole game. From driver off the tee to sinking putts and everything in between.

I’ve been a subscriber to Shawn’s Hump Day tips for over a year, and I’ve found a number of valuable insights that have helped me play better.

Click the link to check out Hump Day golf tips.