Journey to the Worlds: Building Golf Clubs with John Greenwood

Although I am not hitting a lot of golf balls with the driver, that doesn’t mean I am not continuing to work on clubs and experiment with shaft and club head combinations. I won’t be able to do much full speed testing of the clubs for a little while, but even with a slower swing my goal is to test a number of drivers with slightly different characteristics on a  launch monitor so that I can compare apples to apples. I’ll will still be able to evaluate spin rates, smash factor ratios, launch trajectory as well as descent trajectory, and a few other variables to see what works with Long Drive golf clubs for the Re/Max World Long Drive Championship.

In this video I am visiting with John Greenwood of Greenwood’s golf clubs to work on a few clubs. One of my long drive clubs got broken in an exhibition, so that gives me another opportunity to try a different shaft combination.

John has been an enthusiastic supporter of long drive, and over the past few years he has really learned a lot about club performance at the far end of the speed spectrum. All that knowledge really helps him when it comes to fitting regular drivers for other golfers.

In this video we take a quick look inside a club building shop and watch as we drill out the remains of the shaft in the old head and prep a new shaft. Club building is an art as much as it is a science. You make a number of assumptions about shaft flex, kick points, length, and weight. But you don’t really know what combination will optimize your distance until you take it to the range and put it to the test in the real world.