Armchair Golf Pro: My Ryder Cup Thank You

2 Responses

  1. Richard Burt says:

    Beautifully written article, I felt your joy and felt your pain. A life message to all golfers. I am a 27 handicapper and happy golf like I expect to break course records, absolutely ridiculous.

  2. Monica Brown says:

    Love your comments! I watched the press conference and I was so glad that Hunter didn’t try to be stoic and put on a game face. He was devestated, choked up, and crying and I thought Phil was classy to gently pull the microphone away from him when the reporter was asking some inane question to Hunter and he broke down. This is the first Ryder Cup I felt they were a team. At the press conference Stuart Cink stood up for Hunter and the players reiterated they are a team and they let Hunter down, too. I loved that. Thanks for the armchair reflections. I found myself nodding along in agreement and glad for your analysis. I thought Monday was one of the best Ryder matches ever. Keep the comments coming, Eric. We do read them out here in cyber land. Hugs, Moniker