High Performance Golf 4: Mental Toughness Training

Performance Based Golf:

Mental Toughness Training

Here’s my definition of Mental Toughness:

The ability to focus on the task at hand in the face of or because of adversity

In this video I break down each of the components:


  • A mental skill, narrowing down your focus to only the relevant input
  • Space, meaning concentrating on the ball while maintaining a focus on the target, and
  • Time, meaning only present-centered. You can’t fix the past and you can’t do anything about the future. You can only act in the present moment.


  • There is only one task in front of you: hitting the ball the way you want to hit it (“Like This”), to the place you want it to go (“Right There”).


  • Adversity implies pressure. Thus adversity is your ability to execute despite the pressure of the moment.

The mental skills or tools most commonly used by mentally tough players are

  1. Pre-Shot Routine
  2. Relaxation Breathing
  3. Visualization

By understanding the components that make up mentally tough play it is possible to develop your skill level for each ability. Incremental improvements will lead to long term and lasting positive results.