News: PGA Pros Working with Saving Strokes

You may have heard the slogan of the PGA – “Experts in the Business and Game of Golf.” But PGA Pros don’t just mind the golf shop or give lessons. They are leaders in the community and volunteers in a wide range of services.

Today I joined a number of my fellow PGA pros to help a group of individuals who have suffered from a stroke. The event – the 4th annual – was put on by Saving Strokes, a local chapter of the American Heart Association. In just a few years this group of mostly volunteers has grown from serving around 10 to more than 40 stroke victims. Correction … they don’t call themselves victims. They call themselves stroke Victors. When  you see the obstacles they have to overcome just to hold a club, let alone swing one, you’ll see why. And when you see the joy they experience when they step up to a new challenge and experience some success, you’ll understand why we believe it is an honor for us to be helping them.

Here’s a few highlights from our day on the range with Saving Strokes and the courageous Stroke Victors. I had a chance to meet and work with Russell – a two-time stroke sufferer. Russell had never played golf before! But we found a dance step that worked for him, and he stepped right up to the challenge. Just sharing in his joy when he hit a nice golf shot was a great reward.

PS – If you’d like more information or can provide support, the Saving Strokes website is here: