Dr. Glen Albaugh

Dr. Glen Albaugh

Dr. Glen Albaugh sport psychology guruDr. Glen Albaugh is one of the most highly respected performance enhancement coaches in the field of applied Sport Psychology. A contemporary of Dr. Bob Rotella, Dr. Albaugh has worked with some of the top players in golf, and his clients have amassed more than $30 million dollars in Tour winnings.

Dr. Albaugh received his PhD in Sport Psychology from the University of Utah and taught Sport Psychology at the University of the Pacific for 28 years. He has extensive experience as the basketball coach and Men’s golf head coach, and in 2005 was inducted into the UOP Hall of Fame. In addition to working with PGA Tour stars, he regularly works with college and high school golf teams as well as hundreds of amateur golfers of all abilities. He is an international keynote speaker and has conducted seminars for the PGA, LPGA, and Nationwide Tours, as well as the PGA of America. Dr. Albaugh, along with colleagues Bob Rotella and others, played a significant role in bringing Sport Psychology concepts and techniques into the mainstream of professional and amateur sports.  Today nearly every player on Tour has a mental skills coach on their support team, and many of those coaches trace their roots back to Dr. Glen.

I have had the privilege of personally knowing and working with Dr. Albaugh for more than seven years. He was my mentor when I was in school getting my Masters degree in Sport Psychology, and he graciously took me under his wing to show me how Sport Psychology worked in the real world, introducing me to PGA Tour stars like Scott McCarron, Kirk Triplett, Charlie Wi, Matt Hanson, Jeff Brehaut, and others. He is insightful, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable yet humble, and his many, many years of experience with the top golfers in the world have given him a rock-solid understanding of the keys to playing great golf. I am honored to say that Dr. Albaugh has had a profound impact on the way I teach golf.

At the urging of his many clients and fans Dr. Albaugh wrote a book highlighting many of the important lessons he learned working with top golfers. His book – Winning The Battle Within – should be in every golfer’s library. If you don’t already own a copy I urge you to get his book, read it, and put his lessons and advice into practice. It will unquestionably help your golf game. Here is what you will find inside his book:

My review: Winning The Battle Within

Winning The Battle Within by Dr. Glen Albaugh“Winning The Battle Within” is a distillation of Dr. Albaugh’s more than 20 years experience working with top PGA and LPGA Tour golfers. The book is full of anecdotes and stories of top golfers, and is warmly written and easy to read. You almost have the feeling Dr. Glen is across the living room sitting in an easy chair telling you tales from the Tour.Dr. Glen Albaugh Seminar

Yet Winning the Battle Within is full of solid advice, practical applications, and specific practice routines.You’ll read the story of a UOP golfer who while in college was only good enough to play third on the golf team, yet who went on to earn more than $15 million dollars on the PGA Tour. But you’ll also gain insight into the specific practice routines and thought processes that allowed this player to surpass his wildest expectations.  These are the same drills and routines you can use to improve your own game.

One of the key concepts of his book is the notion of Trust. In fact the sub-title of the book is “The perfect swing is the one you trust.” Any golfer who has ever been “in the Zone” will understand his concepts immediately. When you are in the Zone you have complete trust in your swing.

Trust is one of the key components of confidence, and we also all know that confident swing produce better results. No matter how fleeting or hard it is to get into the Zone, we’d all like to be there because that is when we play our best golf.  In Winning The Battle Within Dr. Glen provides drills and exercises that will help put you in the best position to get into the Zone more often.

Winning The Battle Within can be ordered directly from Dr. Albaugh’s site, or directly from PayPal using the button below. It costs less than $25 bucks.

Winning The Battle Within by Dr. Glen Albaugh


Here are some of the things you will learn in Winning The Battle Within:

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  • What is your SAT (Strategy, Aim, Trust)? and how to develop a winning strategy for every shot.
  • A clear understanding of the three minds of performance: the rational mind, the emotional mind, and the mind of imagination,  and why  you’ll play your best golf and have the most fun when you learn to play in your mind of imagination.
  • The importance of a Pre-Shot Routine and a Post-Shot Routine, and why these routines are so important to improving your consistency.
  • How to suspend judgment, and why learning this skill is critical to your long term improvement.
  • The Circle of Performance, and how all of the elements of your life affect your play.
  • The difference between Internal and External Confidence, and how learning the difference will play a major role in your confidence on the course.
  • The three stages of Motor Learning, and why learning the stages of skill development and progression will keep you motivated and focused on improving.
  • Trust Drills – learn 9 specific drills that will improve your practice and make a significant difference to your play on the course.
  • Great advice from famous Coaches like Bill Walsh, Pete Carrol, and many others that will really bring the message home.


Bill Walsh was a close personal friend of Dr. Glen, and his words about Winning The Battle Within are printed right on the front cover. Walsh called it “One of the best books ever written on the mental approach to golf and sports performance.”

I can definitely recommend you pick up your own copy of Winning The Battle Within and read through it several times. It will help you take your game to the next level.


PS: I’ve arranged a special bonus for my students: if you send a note to Dr. Glen letting him know you found out about his book from this site, he will personally autograph your book for you!  Just send him a note at galbaugh @ sbcglobal.net

PPS: If you pick up the book and read it, please visit this page and leave your thoughts in the comment box below.