The 1st Key To Consistency: Pre-Shot Routine

The first key to playing consistent golf is developing a consistent approach to each shot, or pre-shot routine.

You know consistency is a critical component of playing great golf. If you’re like most golfers you probably think of consistency as something that just happens. Either you’re consistent or you’re not.

But I’d like to challenge you to think about consistency differently.

I’d like you to think of consistency as a skill. Because the beautiful thing about skills is that they can be learned and improved. This means you can learn the skill of playing with consistency, and you can improve your skill level of playing more consistently over time. As you do, your game will become more rewarding and you’ll have a lot more fun.

I’ve put together a series of videos for you that address specific components of consistency. We’ll take a look at each of these components and develop skills there, because mastering a smaller series of steps, over time, will result in enormous changes to your game.

The first consistency video covers a skill no PGA Tour player would dream of trying to play without: a Pre-Shot Routine. I’ll show you what a good Pre-Shot Routine does, what steps YOU should include and why, and how to use it to your advantage on the course. Remember this: The first step in learning to play consistently is learning to BE consistent.

Nearly every pre-shot routine starts with these three components:

1. Analyze
2. Strategize
3. Visualize

Then, most routines also include the following additional steps:
4. Relaxation breathing
5. Practice Swing
6. Aiming Process
7. Set-up check
8. Target Connection
9. Trust and Commitment

How you incorporate these steps into your routine is entirely up to you. The goal is to make your routine natural and comfortable.

Post a comment below and let me know what elements YOU incorporate into your routine.

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13 Responses

  1. Frank Luchsinger says:

    Thanks for sending info. I am recovering from shoulder surgery and have not been able to play a
    round of golf as of yet, but I am gathering and planning my rebuilding process. Perhaps I will be
    pursuing more of your program in the future , but as for now I intend on using the book and video
    as step one of my process. Please keep sending the video info Thanks Frank

    • Eric Jones, MA, PGA says:

      Thanks Frank. I wish you all the best with your shoulder recovery. I know it is a long process. I’d like to pass along that I was strict with myself in following the rehab protocol given by my doctor and physical therapist. I hit the gym every three days (whether I wanted to or not), and did all the exercises prescribed. I think it made a huge difference, and I encourage you to stick with it. I’m still doing the rehab exercises and getting stronger all the time. Keep us posted!

  2. Stan says:

    Hey, I really liked your “swoosh” drill, and it’s helped my timing. What do you think of the “Speed Swoosh” by Medicus?

  3. Carl Emond says:

    With these kind of tips/reminders on the basic fundamentals of golf, Eric continues to show me that he is probably the best internet teacher of this game I have ever come across. I have the 5 Keys To Distance package and there is a wealth of well organized information and techniques to improve one’s game in terms of distance and consistency.
    If Eric’s home base were somewhere in the New England area, I would sign up for some individual or group lessons in the blink of an eye.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As usual your material is very helpful. Helps to play better!

  5. Linda Caruso says:

    Having experienced first hand the wisdom of your strategy and the value of a pre-shot routine, I want to congratulate you on your clear, precise description here. It is really nice to be reminded of these steps again. Your advice given freely is invaluable . Thanks for your hard work on behalf of the golfers of the world.

  6. Albert B. Fu says:

    Thank you for sending me this email. I have bought your product and really think it is the best I have ever bought. I have already succeeded in attaining much more distance. To be more consistent is the next step. In your list for preshot routine, I will move the practice swing after the setup. I think it will give me a better shot at hitting the target.

  7. Cesasr says:

    Dear Erik, I am an engineer and like logic and simplicity. That is what you offer, congratulations, very helpfull methods.

  8. koos says:

    very helpful!

  9. jim kardias says:

    Ithank you for being helpfull

  10. jim kardias says:

    you have been vary helpfull

  11. jim kardias says:

    youhave been vary helpfull

  12. JD says:

    I just wanted to thank you your time and effort putting these tips out there for free. This shows integrity with a game that is built on integrity. I am not saying that doing this for money is wrong, but to offer your help to someone you do not know to help them improve, with the thought, if they enjoy the game more—-He will say and do something to bring someone else into the game—-Well this to me is quite remarkable—This I hope is true—Thank You