Fitness Training for Golf

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  1. Alberto says:

    Hi Eric

    Glad to hear you’ve overcome your big injury. These can take an awfully long time to recover from and my sitaution is just that. Back in 2003 I had a car accident which, despite rolling the car, mercifully I was able to walk away from. However, I wasn’t properly diagnosed and 5 months later I had a massive back seizure. One morning I just couldn’t get out of bed, literally!! My back was in severe pain and I could hardly move.

    My back muscles were all completely inflamed and seized up, the physicians couldn’t even touch me when I went to see them. After 3 weeks of having a sub-cutaneous anti-inflamatory injection every day, they could finally examine me and figure out what had happened. As a result of the car accident, since the car had rolled on it’s side, my body had been subjected to massive forces which had dislodged by ribs from the spine and the sockets in the vertebrae where they go. However the x-rays didn’t indicate anything since it was only a small displacement but enough to cause severe problems later on.

    The cause? The seat belt in the car. Why? Simply that a car seat belt is designed to hold you in place at 3 points – across the hips and at the top of your shoulder. However, the other side is left loose, with no restraint. Thus in a big accident of that size, one side of the body isn’t tethered, moves freely and is subjected to those massive forces which can have severe consecuences later. Only if you just happen to have a rally or racing style seat belt – with 5 harness points – would you not suffer the same consecuences.

    So, to cut a long story short, in 2008 I went back to “having a go at playing golf”, although I was very hesitant, as you can imagine. I must have had around 200 ostepath sessions, about 100 physiotherapist treatment BUT most importantly I reckon I have swum around 1,000 kilometres in those 4 long years!!!

    Yes, that’s right. What has truly helped me get back into golf has been swimming. I religiously go 3 times a week to my local pool. Now I still have to visit my ostepath, around once per month and the pysio sessions come in very handy but I religiously swim just over 4 kilometres each week. This truly helps with my entire back and I sometimes go straight to the pool after a round of golf, it’s wonderful how it relaxes you but also tones those muscles.

    Much like you, though, I also found it a complete chore having to go swimming. However I quite literally FORCED myself. And since I had always been a poor swimmer, I enrolled at a nearby pool and went to swimming classes. This not only motivated me – I was with other people in a similar situation – it also served to improve my swimming technique immensely.

    So thanks to swimming I am able to play golf – without it I would never have come back to the sport.

    BTW, have been following your BLAST teachings and I am improving greatly, specifically in terms of consitency. The real improvement came with BALANCE. I was all over the place before!!! Now I have that athletic posture, feel the “push” off my inner right foot and transfer my weight to the left far better with a now “solid left side” finish. Also I am no longer “over swinging”, rather I have something like a three quarter length back swing and a much smoother transition to my finish position. It’s almost as if I am (perhaps!) discovering what “tempo” is all about!!!

    So to cut a long story short, swimming has saved my back and helped me enormously to get back into good physical shape to continue with my golfing “endeavours”. And your BLAST course has helped me enormously to really start enjoying this sport. Thanks to you Eric I now have far more faith in my swing and therefore my game, which will hopefully result in a much improving handicap this season.

    If ever we meet, I could talk to you for hours because there are so many interesting things you have here on you webpage, one of the very best on golf anywhere. Alas I live in Spain, so it’s not exactly “in your backyard”. Maybe one day our paths will cross.

    The very best of luck with your Long Drive competitions this year. Keep us posted!!

    Best regards, Alberto

    • Eric Jones, MA, PGA says:

      Hi Alberto
      Great story! Really appreciate you taking the time to write about it. I applaud you for doing what is necessary, even though it is hard. My doctor has cleared me and says my rotator cuff is 100% recovered. But I still consider myself to be in rehab for the shoulder. It’s a little mental trick I play on myself, but it gets me to the gym. For some reason I am much more motivated to go to rehab than I am to go exercise. It’s working, and now the “rehab” has become a habit.
      I hope one day I could bring my family to Spain and we could meet. I’m sure we’d have much to talk about. All the best, and keep up with your balance and leverage in the golf swing, and your swimming for the rest.