The premier distance training program in golf. You get a complete description of the five fundamental swing concepts that contribute to distance plus 18 comprehensive training videos. No more guessing about what it takes to get distance! Learn the five concepts, then integrate them into your swing with specific drills that follow the natural progression of the golf swing. Free access to the best online training site, with bonus interviews, downloadable practice plans, and access to an extensive community knowledge base. This is your chance to learn the exact same training techniques and exercises Eric uses himself to train and compete in the World Long Drive Championships. At just $97.00 for the hard-copy book, DVD, and online training site, it’s a full program for less than the cost of a single lesson. Start adding effortless distance to your swing today.
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For golfers who are serious about improving and who love to practice, the GOLD program is for you. One thing I’ve learned after working with thousands of students is they can never get enough of a good thing. The PLUS gold program includes the same 5 Keys To Distance training program above, but puts it on steroids.
With 43 additional videos you get even more drills plus advanced training modules showing you cutting-edge practice routines and innovative learning techniques that will accelerate your learning curve to get you results faster than you thought possible. The PLUS gold program draws on Eric’s training in Sport Psychology with competitive success at the highest levels to produce pioneering work that synthesizes the mental game with mechanics. The PLUS gold program will take you beyond getting more distance to improving every aspect of your game. Just $197.00 for the hard-copy book, a 3-DVD set, plus the online training site.
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  • Want to know the Secret to Lag?
  • Want to know how the Pros seem to generate Effortless Distance?
  • Want to know why Athletic Balance is the foundation to both consistency, accuracy, and distance … and the mistake 90% of my students make that you are probably making as well?
  • Want to know what kind of training system you need but that the golf magazines and TV golf shows won’t tell you?

Free Golf Training Videos Then watch these training videos and try the simple exercises in each one.  I promise you are going to be surprised at how much you will learn and extremely happy with how fast you will see results. Click here to




How to Practice Smart

A “must read” for every golfer who is passionate about their golf game and wants to improve. It’s a 60-page downloadable book with 12 chapters covering strategy and tactics are an amazing breakthrough that will help you improve your game far faster and with much more enjoyment. The practical approach and methodologies explained in the book are clear and concise, easy to understand, and more importantly, simple to put into action. They take the drudgery out of practice, create clear focus, and add the excitement of knowing that you are achieving your goals. You’ll know you are working on the right things, for the right reasons, in the right way. You’ll find it both thought-provoking and insightful.
Just $4.97 and available on Kindle, Nook, or as a downloadable pdf.
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SH-Photo 2SHAWN HUMPHRIES – Top 100 Teacher

Shawn Humphries is a PGA Professional from Dallas, Texas, a Golf Magazine Top 100 Golf Teacher, and just recently was elected into the GRAA as a Top 50 World Coach. He’s worked with PGA Tour pros like Brandt Jobe and David Hearn, as well as celebrities such as Troy Aikman, Bill Parcells, Emmit Smith, and Tony Romo. We know legendary golfer Byron Nelson had one of the greatest swings in the game, and Shawn was the director of instruction at Byron’s golf school. Imagine being a good enough instructor to be asked to help a swing like Byron’s! His gift is that he turns the difficult into something simple and easy to understand. Listen to the podcast interview with Shawn to get some great insights into the game of golf.
PLUS – the podcast page has links to some FREE resources like his ebook and video newsletter.
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Winning The Battle Within by Dr. Glen AlbaughWINNING THE BATTLE WITHIN

Dr. Glen Albaugh is one of the foremost performance enhancement and mental skills consultants in the world. Dr. Albaugh, along with colleagues Bob Rotella and others, played a significant role in bringing Sport Psychology concepts and techniques into the mainstream of professional and amateur sports. At the urging of his many clients and fans Dr. Albaugh wrote a book distilling the many important lessons he learned over more than 20 years working with top golfers. His book – Winning The Battle Within – should be in every golfer’s library. It’s full of anecdotes and stories from Tour players, and is warmly written and easy to read. Yet it also has practical advice and specific drills designed to draw out the best golfer in you.
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The Ultimate Golf  Fitness Guide

Mike Pedersen is an exercise expert who also happens to be a golf nut. He’s focused his whole business on helping golfers get fit and stay in great golf shape. His downloadable book is tailor-made for golfers and was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted golf-specific training coming off my shoulder surgery and doing the rehab. I learned that the best golf-specific training should put your body through the same movements as the golf swing, with resistance (weight), followed by stretching. Plenty of illustrations, as well as clever advice on how to pick up all the exercise equipment you need on a budget.
Click here to READ MY REVIEW and hear my PODCAST INTERVIEW with Mike, or go directly to his info page to ORDER The Ultimate Golf Fitness Guide



The #1 Amateur Golf Site

I’ve known Pete Wlodkowski, founder of, since the company’s inception more than 10 years ago.  In fact I’m still a member, and my handicap is registered through his site. is devoted to the 99.7% of golfers who aren’t pros. The content is geared towards players who are serious about taking their game to a competitive level, whether that means winning the 4th flight of the Club Championship, or qualifying for the US Amateur. On the site you will find information on tournaments, a place to establish your handicap with the USGA, news on amateur golf around the world and around the corner from you. Get yourself hooked up today, and tell Pete I sent you.

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