Exercise Equipment and Golf Fitness

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  1. Jim Merwin says:


    Hi Eric:

    I am glad you are going to focus on golf-specific exercises in later blogs and videos. I know I could sure use your insights and encouragement to get golf-fit again. It has been too long.

    In fact, I have had the bolts in place in my garage/ practice area and the tension cords ready to go but there they have sat for over a year because I can not get myself motivated to use them. I even hired a golf fitness coach to guide me through a golf-specific routine but he went out of business shortly after I payed him and I have never rekindled my interest sufficient to make a second effort to work at being golf-fit again. Maybe your insights into how to perform each exercise and how it benefits my golf swing will help me overcome my inertia. I am fairly confident once I get a short golf-specific exercise program started, I will see the benefits and want to continue it indefinitely. In any event, it is worth a try.

    I look forward to you future blogs and videos on fitness.

    Jim Merwin