A-Game Cheat Sheet

It's Not An Option


No more first-tee jitters.

No more “getting off to a slow start.”

The A-Game Cheat Sheet is a Tour-tested way to bring your “A-Game” to the course every time you tee it up.

Follow the steps of this simple formula before every round. You’ll be amazed at how much more consistent your game will be when you are in the right physical and mental state to play.


(note: take this course at Begin Better Golf, where I am part of the Teaching Faculty)

Here’s what you get ..

  • Video, Audio, and Printouts (MP4, MP3, and PDF)
  • Step 1: Slow To “Golf Time” – Learn the VITAL practice of properly clearing your mind, engaging your breathing, heart rate and full physical faculties (MP4, MP3, PDF)
  • Step 1b: My Breathing Exercise – Walk through my exact process of breathing and aligning your mind and body to set the stage for a great round (MP4, MP3, and PDF)
  • Step 2: Putt First. Learn the reason you should NEVER grab a bucket of balls and just head to the range if you have a prayer of playing your best that day! Contains a precise technique for learning the greens, finding your speed and re-connecting your body with a golf club (MP4, MP3, and PDF)
  • Step 3: Warm Up Properly: Now you head to the range and learn how to warm up in the best way to find that day’s ideal Rhythm and Tempo (MP4, MP3, and PDF)
  • Step 4: Rehearse Your Shots: Work through your bag in a specific way that solidifies your fundamentals and pre-shot routine while making EVERY ball count
  • Step 5: Hit Strategic Shots: Learn how the Preparation Process used by Hall of Fame Pitcher Tom Seaver can prepare you to dominate the course, identify the scoring opportunities and make sure the toughest shots you face won’t beat you today! (MP4, MP3, and PDF)
  • Step 6: End at the Beginning: Finally you’ll use these techniques to focus on today’s game!